Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Expected and Unexpected

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  1. First!

  2. A group of my friends jokingly planned to get pregnant at a strategic point during our last year of high school so they could have a baby once they finished school, without it messing up their education. One girl actually went ahead with the plan. I guess she didn’t know the others were joking…

  3. i wanna have jennifers babies.

  4. I bet Macie’s puppies don’t miss her.

  5. “hiTtiN tha CLUBB?!” I hope someone hiTs you in tha FACCE.

  6. I’m so glad Kayla’s eggs and uterus are on board with her plan! Hopefully she got it in writing.

  7. yeah, well i want emkittehs babies! swing and a miss… god im bored. i wish i knew jennifer, im sure shes funny as hell, intentional or otherwise.

  8. way to go Jennifer >.< whoa Macie yea..hangovers..uh huh…somehow it just doesn't fit with the words preggo and car….nope not in the same statement… =/

  9. Please tell me that Jamie — not Macie — was the one with the hangover. Please?

  10. “R u having twins? ??????????”


  11. @Jaybo

    You want MY babies? What on earth for?

    Rather than the have-a-baby plan after high school, I went for the further education plan. Law school now, motherhood later.


  13. I see government assistance on the horizon for these girls.

  14. whendreamsend18

    so that’s how you can tell if you’re having twins… 2 positive pregnancy tests..

    what pregnant girl doesn’t love riding in the car?!? i know i did.

    I think kayla just wants to have a great excuse not to have sex with her man until next year.

    and how old is tenicia?!? 15 her freakin’ self?!?

  15. Wait, I’m confused. Is Macie hungover, or Jamie?

  16. Tenicia spawn, outlook not good.

  17. Jennifer’s comment sounds like it could be a BIll Engval “Here’s your sign” joke

  18. Dang if you determine the number of babies based on positive pregnancy tests, then I’m missing like 12 kids.

  19. I’m guessing Jamie is the one with the hangover. Being in a car when pregnant always made me miserable. Especially with morning sickness and late into pregnancy.

  20. JacksSmirkingRevenge

    I predict that when Tenicia’s baby does finally hit 15, she will be wAt3ing 4 hur own bAbi 2 git herr also.

  21. Damn, whendreamsend18, I just took 3 tests when I found out about this one. I’m really in for it now. Should have stopped with only one test.

  22. Jennifer and Tenicia are both fucking knobs. In more ways than one.

  23. @EmKitteh

    seriously, ive no idea now to be honest…when i said it, i had something amusing lined up to say in case anyone asked me. unfortunately i wandered off and fogot about this completely. we can have babies though yes? i’ll be distraught otherwise!

  24. FTW. Ha. That’s some vengeance right thar.

  25. Dorothy Zbornak

    @Jaybo and EmKitteh, tell me when so I can too 🙂

  26. aWWW does no one want my babies??!!!

  27. Am I the only one that noticed that Kayla wants to have a premature baby?

  28. It sounds to me like she has no idea whether she wants the baby in June or February. Or maybe she got the conception and delivery months backwards. Either way, she shouldn’t be reproducing.

  29. chickens dont clap

    I think Kayla is a bit confused about how babby is formed.

  30. i fear for humanities future. so, so much

  31. I read Tenicia’s as “I can’t wait for my baby to get hair, once she is we hitting the club!”

  32. @birdie yup, maybe that’s the cool thing to do. or it means an extra month of child support…

  33. and I’m guessing Jasmyn is gonna be disappointed when she realises everyone takes a different amount of time to conceive. Someone needs to lock those girls in a family planning clinic.

  34. Tenicia is gonna be the worst mom. By 15 I’m betting her daughter will be a mom!

  35. Tenicia, why wait till 15?! She’s ready to party at 5!

  36. Let’s hope Tenica child is better educated and can spell.

  37. Parenting fails. The NEVER get old.

  38. They* *facepalm*

  39. As a mother, my heart weeps for the future children of Macie and Tenecia.

  40. I can’t stop laughing at the first one.
    “Are you having twins?” XD
    If I was a believer in mankind, I would think she was joking. But I’m not, so I just laugh and laugh…

  41. lol

  42. Ok, first of all “Tenicia” sounds like some kind of industrial wood stain.. and secondly, in the interest of public safety, she needs her tubes tied immediately.

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