Wednesday, March 3, 2010

No Other Like Mother

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  1. Joshua’s mom is a little ditzy but he doesn’t need to talk to her like that. She should whip his ass with that guitar.

  2. haha smiley face 😀

  3. Peter, Emma, Ann, Maggie – WTF?! That is NOT a healthy parent-child relationship!

  4. Wonderful. Getting your shit handed to you by your mom. First?

  5. I’m with Gingivitis on this one…

  6. Thanks for having a life mom 😀

  7. I think that just made me homesick…Being an adult sucks.

  8. You should be able to have two profiles… a ‘friends’ facebook and a ‘family’ facebook…
    the two just shouldn’t mix!

  9. Or you can simply keep your family from seeing / writing on your wall…

  10. bunnyball: I have two. Why not? There are somethings your family does not need to know.

  11. I take back what what I said about Joshua. He’s Jesus Christ compared to St. Peter up there.

  12. Why do people not know the difference between “accepted” and “excepted”, “to” and “too,” “their,” “there,” and “they’re”, “your” and “you’re”, “its” and “it’s,” and “passed” and “past?” What the hell did these people learn in elementary school?!

  13. The lesbian conversation is full of stupid.

  14. Kids should learn to respect their elders!!11!!1!1!1

  15. I suppose it depends on what you plan on putting on your facebook. I have lots of family on mine, and friends. But I only post boring grown up stuff, so I don’t have to worry about censoring. Plus I’m a believer of treating everything online like it is public.

    That said, these people have some twisted relationships. I couldn’t imagine talking to my mom that way. Even if they can be a little ditzy. I hope I don’t ever end up sounding like some of these moms. Kind of feel bad for Vickie.

    The first one wasn’t so bad though. I could see myself saying that to my kid. 😛 Sometimes they do make you wonder.

  16. mike_hawkins_cider

    @11 How does one butcher your own language like that? There are immigrants that have better spelling/grammar/punctuation than 80% of America’s youth. I “dicked off” all the way through college & I still don’t make those mistakes.

  17. Rilesx3: I agree.. and apparently they learned nothing.

  18. HoHo dear reader, it appears that Uncle Salt Porker has some idea of our hero’s magical brain. His Face. Is the worst.

  19. The first and fourth entries aren’t really that lame. Lame “lite,” maybe? Must be a slow day at LB.

  20. *I* want to fist fight ZachEry’s mom. STFU, lady!

  21. Katrina made me giggle.

  22. In the Emma/Ann exchange, can someone please tell me what “pmsl” means?

  23. TylerDurdenUMD, PMSL is “Pissed Myself Laughing”. And none of these made me pmsl.

  24. I really hate it when people overuse pmsl. Lets face it, not only are you not pissing yourself, you’re probably not even laughing. Not every piece of drivel you post needs to be punctuated with pmsl.

    Alright, now that’s out of the way, why does Ann think that being straight will stop her from getting crabs?

  25. Plus “pissing myself laughing” is three words, so the correct abbreviation would be “pml.”

  26. Incidentally, I think “rofl” is way worse! OMFGROFLLOLPMSL!

  27. Katrina should be thankful she has such a funny son like Andrew. XD

  28. x-x-vallium-x-x

    @jukaswo you forgot lmao 🙂

  29. ‘…not exceptable in your grades’? So D’s are okay then? Or not? I’m confused.

  30. Some mothers are idiots. They are just not ACCEPTABLE.

  31. so Ann is the mum and Peter and Emma the kids, and frankie appears to be peter’s boyfriend. And ann appears to believe that only lesbians get crabs. nope, writing it out did not make it better or more understandeable…

  32. @31 – you are a useless shower of shit

    Beatrice needs to get her own shit together before correcting her son about getting his grades to an “exceptable” level. The thing is, facebook has a fucking spell check. so if you can’t spell AND you don’t know how to use spell check when you’re chastising your son about school, shouldn’t you be culled off?

    what the fuck is going on at Ann’s house? and who talks about fist fighting their mother?

    I’m in the mood for some Jerry Springer


  34. Am i the only one that appreciates the way Anna and her children have a very open communication and obviously cool about sexuality ?

    She does sound kinda cool , not the are you my child type of mum who freaks at her kid having a different set of vocabulary as her generation.

    Oh yeah and i want to add this :
    i love a rug muncher that swings both ways

  35. I actually feel bad for Beatrice there. She’s obviously not familiar with smileys etc

  36. Parents on facebook are always a good time. Learn to use limited profiles people.

    Ann, Peter and Emma – you are one messed up family.
    Good one ya Zach/Zack, they piss me off too… and I’m not talking about Facebook.

  38. @lamebookpro

    Facebook doesn’t have a spellcheck. It’s some browsers that have it. Firefox and Google Chrome, off the top of my head. I don’t think Internet Explorer does. But either way, Beatrice didn’t misspell anything, she just used the wrong word.

  39. lol

  40. haha too bad beatrice used the wrong version of acceptable. looks like she needs to raise HER grades.

  41. @sixkiller damnit you beat me to it lol and I agree Andrew is f ing funny

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