Friday, February 11, 2011

A Little Something Extra

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  1. late reply, mass #30.

    8 is a smaller number than I expected you must be good at taking care of things or just in one very long relationship. I was going to say never trust a woman that says she’s on the pill (very few of us are not broody), but hey, 8 isn’t bad.

    Noodles #47, that doesn’t ‘kinda suck’ it SUCKS. please tell me you’re kidding?

    Boy do I feel so happy with life suddenly not knowing any 2- stroke guys, or cats in heat, thank you lamebook’s comments section. Thank you.

  2. Yes, I love them so, saffer … Cindy, Bobby, Peter, Marcia, Greg, Sam, Jan and Alice.

  3. @50, *crush, ant, behind.


  4. Paint_my_nails_please

    Shut it, jr888.

    Enjoy your visit, Hawkbit.

    For the record, my cats are spayed and my condoms are eternally rolled.

  5. @jr888 Actually, in the real world, people are as insulting as hell. Get over yourself.

  6. @saffer. I wish i was kidding…

  7. I have officially read every Lamebook Entry from the first one on page 686 page 1 as of 2/13/2011

    I am a fucking loser!

  8. to*

    I am a fucking loser who can’t type to save my life

  9. .


  10. repoed now try fmylife. Com

  11. that ^ was a win, noodles : )

  12. It’s Valentines Day and I am reading about how to get cats in heat off, the perils of putting a condom on and two strokes, truly a momentous day.

  13. Frigging off a cat with a Q-tip is actually a practical joke that I have played upon the world via the medium of You-Tube and pretend vets.

    It follows its’ less successful predecessors, frigging off a pussy with a rolling pin and wanking off a kitty with a milk bottle.

  14. repoed2, I have read all them plus the cooments. I am the fuck king! Just kidding.

  15. I’ll let Allison use Foodstamps.

  16. I’m willing to bet that Alison and all 29 of her slutty friends are fat. The association between penis and food is not a good one.

  17. Noodles, on behalf of men everywhere, you have have our apologies for the two-pump-chump. You are owed extra strokes, and I’m sure many of our representatives can handle your request.

  18. #62 I agree, putting on a condom after 2 strokes is not an easy task.

  19. doctorchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    What I want to know is; has Allison had one huge portion or five medium sized portion?

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