Monday, December 28, 2009

Pants Party



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  1. @Insane: I think you mean “ring piece” per se.

    Mmmmmmmm Svetlana….that’s hot.

  2. msjessiemeghan… I was thinking the same thing. I thought everything at Spencers was intended as gag gifts. She’s probably rubbing toxic chemicals on her goodies.

  3. @ Pusiu – Damn, you are a sad individual. I am currently studying Pathology and I don’t feel the need to share my vast knowledge of anatomy with everyone on a fucking thread. Maybe you should grow some balls and stop being such a pussy. No one here (with the exception of you, KennyChen and Lorne852) are social retards or fucking douchebags. We get the inside jokes… you don’t.

    @Insane, and SeeBea. LOL, I have no comment. Except that maybe we can get whatever is in your scrotum – i.e. your testes, to travel through your urethra, all over my chest and face.

    Have a nice day, all! 🙂

  4. *i.e. in your testes

  5. Jesus you guys are an angry bunch

  6. I didnt know that you lot have such an aversion to a little bit of information. Jeez…

  7. I must side with pusiu , there’s a lot of anger and elitary behaviour going on here …

    Dare i say that a small few are censoring the ones that do not think alike ?

    You lot go all out on the poor well informed fellow for defending himself.

    I am used to a lot wittier remarks coming from the holy lamebook threesome …

  8. OUCH Father Sha, you cut me to the quick. Why are you so full of hate?
    Is this still about the fucking deer? You gotta get off that, leave that baggage at the curb and step over it man. That stuff will eat you up inside brother.
    BTW, I don’t think I actually elitaried anybody.

  9. @pisiu It’s nothing against what you said, but how you said it. I understand if you have a vast knowledge, but, does it really matter to defend to the death that sperm does not come out of your scrotum but indeed your testes?

    Please understand where the anger is coming from before burning me at the stake again?? Look at the first post made… and then it just goes on and on… 🙁

    December 28th, 2009 at 10:03 am
    Im just doing my bit to stop the ignorance
    And fluid in the testicle is called a hydrocele….
    Mummy and Daddy do know that I am using their computer, and they are fine with it.

    And Mercure, once you have gotten off your high horse, you may notice that I was also joking…. Jeez, some people….

    December 28th, 2009 at 11:12 am
    lol i dont go to school.
    And I still stand by my point. If there is any liquid in his sctrotal sac, then that would would not be easy to expel. Because its not supposed to be in his scrotal sac.

    December 28th, 2009 at 11:13 am
    and it doesnt really become much of a liquid until it passes through the prostate anyway….

    December 28th, 2009 at 11:14 am
    I know im being pedantic, but what started off with a joke ended up with you belittling me. Just giving you a taste of your own medicine

    Likewise pal, likewise…

  10. hehe this was not even directed to you mate.

    I just have a soft spot for the victims of this world … i never let anyone stand alone that deserves a bit of support.

    And i swear you guys make me laugh a lot of the time but i am not really impressed by the way you guys force your authority on the ones that offer different opinions.

    And i know , i am whining – reading lamebook must have infected me with some kind of sensitivity virus

    I ll go look for my nuts now.

  11. @Svetlana: Wow, if there was any doubt that I loved you it is gone now.

    @Father Sha: I still love you too man.

    @pussio: To be fair, you said yourself that you are being pedantic…that’s just asking for it. That’s like saying “Here are my nuts squish them. By the fuck, here, squish them again.” Then bending over and offering your ring piece up for sacrifce. Honestly, it’s kind of retarted.

  12. Lets light a bonfire and dance around it naked, holding hands and chanting hippie slogans

    Spread the love people

  13. Father Sha – I get a feeling you are a middle-aged man, who was picked on as a child… Am I right??

  14. Haha not at all, i just have a very big authority issue and once i get a hint of people bullying and behaving as ‘the man’ i’m game …(not the deer kind of game seabea …)

    I hate picking on easy victims. Bullies on the other hand are lovely victims, at least they know how to fight back.

    The lost causes of this world are in dire need of a bit of defending.

  15. I can’t pick on you, ’cause you are actually an intelligent man pretending to be stupid… 🙁 And making it worse by defending the underdog. I was an underdog too, a long long time ago, and then I realized nothing can take your knowledge away from you…
    They can call you whatever they want… but if you’re not stupid, and they call you that… well, kudos for trying…

  16. So you see we are not so very different , we just have a different approach.

    You could even argue that by attacking people for acting as elitary pompous pricks i put myself in an elitary position and so on …

    confusing isn’t it.

  17. Wow… sometimes reading Lamebook is like watching an intellectual swordfight; it’s interesting to say the least.

    Almost as interesting as the image of a grapefruit sized scrotum. WTF, I didn’t know that could happen- wouldn’t it burst?!?!

    Either way it sounds fucking painful.

  18. See, I am a middle-aged man who was picked on as a child.
    Now I’m an overfed horny goof that can’t take anything seriously.

    As for the fire, I am there!

  19. i ll bring some of my amish cousins ,tall, blonde with apple cheeks and they are delightfully naive , you’ll like ’em … Satisfactions guaranteed.

  20. Honestly, where the fuck do these people come from? That think it’s like, ok to post personal-ass shit like this on a network full of all your friends and possibly family to see. I mean, I’m not stuck up at all but…one of these days I am just going to rapid-fire add all these retards and have an endless stream of entertainment for all at the expense of people’s dignities. It’s gonna be sweet.

  21. @)pink broccoli: It wasnt all that painful to my husband more alarming. It was the bruising and stitches that hurt. He was freaked at how big they got though. It lasted for about 3 days and then slowly deflated. He was a good sport about it and never got mad at me for giggling and asking to see them. I guess any attention paid to ones bits is good attention. 🙂

  22. @Zoned: joking aside – pusiu is right, there is no such word as scrotohydrocele. If you were really a nurse, you would know that, by definition, a hydrocele is a collection of fluid in or around the scrotal sac. Therefore, no need to add “scroto-” to the beginning.

    You can call it just a hydrocele or a hydrocele testis. So, bravo pusiu, you were correct. Although, you should get off your high horse and stop thinking everything you say is completely correct. It’s not.

    BTW – I’m a REAL nurse…

  23. I indeed know what a hydrocele is, hence the joke of adding scrot/o in there. I guess I’m not too good at expressing my sarcasm online.

  24. And btw–ME too.

  25. boobies.

  26. @Father Sha: Settle petal. I was merely being ironic. I shall make it up to Pisiu at the fire 😉

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