Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sacked and Hacked

Sacked and Hacked

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  1. wow. I think Samantha’s chlamydia may bring more confirmed guests than Joe’s band. And Samantha’s not crying either.

  2. That was frightening. It was like being trapped in the thoughts of a teenage drama queen.

    But the next time I’m banging multiple guys, I’m definitely going to announce it on FB.

  3. It’s pretty sad that the only part written in proper english is the paragraph that she copied and pasted. 😐

  4. I couldn’t help but hear Vicky Pollard’s voice while reading it. Yikes!

  5. The gift that keeps on giving…

  6. @Persistent Cat:

    Not sure you got it–somebody hacked into Andre’s account, and saw the message from Samantha. The hacker then copied and pasted Samantha’s message into the Event description. I’ll bet Samantha meant it only as a private message.

  7. have you guys not noticed at the top:

    “sucks when people leave their fb password saved on a computer”

    this is a fake / prank.

  8. read the top part:

    “sucks when people leave their fb password saved on a computer”

    this is a fake / prank.

  9. just rounding it out with a hat trick of postings.

  10. haha no shit lance … read the title of the post, “sacked and HACKED.” it’s lame that someone signed into his account and created an event based on a private message … like Robb said.

  11. I haven’t seen the bit at the top where it says the Facebook account got hacked. Do I still find it funny?

  12. Standard Avenue?

  13. STD ave as in sexually transmitted diseases

  14. haha since I live in toledo, I’m now staying away from Andre’s just in case..

  15. You should go to Katie Holmes house at Thanksgiving and stage an intervention.

  16. Billy Wilders Dead Monkey

    they are called STI’s now. Boz your mom has had her fair share.

  17. “It’s pretty sad that the only part written in proper english is the paragraph that she copied and pasted. :|” SERIOUSLY!

  18. a herpes fest without herpes fest hmmm..

  19. good to see there’s no cover charge for this event.

  20. Oh. Good. Grief. Even if I was going to do a fake post I still wouldn’t be able to write like this. Well done. Loving the subtleties of ‘I notice symptoms asap’. Love, how many times have you had this? Sad. Sorry. World.


  22. What a bitch!

  23. awww STD,

    With love.

  24. holy shit – whoever made that event is an asshole.

  25. a guy must have written this fake…thingy.

    no one goes to the “guyno” (by the fuck, what is a “guyno”?) every 6 months, not even to get tested for STIs.

    if you do have to get tested every 6 months, everyone knows you go to Planned Parenthood or the free clinic. you don’t want your “guyno” to know you’re a stupid slut–especially if he’s hot.

  26. …umm i go to my doctor to get my tests done with every pap…why spread ur legs for them more than u have to. instead of having the clinic peak and the doc peak just get it over in one run and let the insurance deal with it lol

    and u kinda sound like a stupid slut trying to let ur genitals look appetizing and disease free for ur hot doc…either that or ur a gold digger lol

  27. Yeah, cause I’ve heard that anyone who has sex and is responsible to have themselves tested is a ‘stupid slut’.

  28. @13 Actually, STDs are sexually transmitted diseases, because they are incurable. STIs are curable, and stand for sexually transmitted infections. Chlamydia is an STI, yes, but “they” are not all called STIs now.

  29. @28 ACTUALLY, the term infection has nothing to do with whether or not something is incurable. Both HIV and Herpes are considered infections and both are incurable – infection implies that a foreign organism or pathogen caused the illness. A disease on the other hand can be anything that makes you sick, like cancer or sickle cell anemia. The research and medical communities are moving toward using the term STI because it is actually more accurate.

  30. Sucks when people have no basic writing skills. Not going to torment my brain with this one.

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