Tuesday, September 15, 2009



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  1. Sandy,
    You should not be exposing your dumb ass to the world in public, let alone over the internet. This is why you don’t have a web cam. It is probably for the best.
    A grateful citizen,

  2. I would like to download a flash for my camera phone.

  3. Anyone know where I can download a life?

  4. This is why old people should be banned from the internet.

  5. For thirty internets I’ll tell you where to download a webcam Sandy.

  6. what a fucking idiot.
    Wow, she should have her computer ripped out of her hands.
    No one can be THAT stupid.

  7. How on earth did she ever manage to sign up to Facebook?

    @ Amanda – you should learn to tell the difference between old and stupid. Stupid can be avoided.

  8. @Daniel, classic wit.

  9. When I go to GetOffYourAssAndGoBuyOne.com my Internet tells me that I have no server for it. Where can I download a server for GetOffYourAssAndGoBuyOne.com?

  10. It’s a good thing btw, just another way to say – damn you are funny

  11. all i can say is wow

  12. I’ve done tech support i’ve heard worse…But this is pretty Q-Q 🙁

  13. yeah. where can i download one?

  14. @Amanda FAIL

  15. @ Jonas, number 15, epic fail cuz theres no topic above this one, gg

  16. “Downloading a webcam” would be a skill I would much like to acquire.

  17. Daniel, bloody hell, that was great.

  18. I’m posting random links, you retarded monkey faced killer.

  19. What.a.retard.

  20. Any one know where I can download a brain?

  21. I told my friends that I “logged out” of a hotel once, and they made such a big deal! I assume he meant “order a webcam online”.

  22. When she finds out, tell her to let me know as well. Not sure if I have enough breath to hold for that long, but I can always buy some oxygen on eBay.

  23. She had better watch out. Using one of those downloaded web cams can give one a nasty virus.

  24. I once had an angry customer complain that he “ordered a Firewall last week and we still havent delivered it”. What makes it even more funny is that I work for an adult entertainment website.

  25. @25

    You work for an adult entertainment website and your handle is ‘roofie’? Do you drive a van with no windows too?

  26. People who post stuff like that should not be allowed to own a computer or possibly use one.

  27. She probably just doesn’t know the terminology. I bet she has an old webcam and just wants to download the drivers for it. I also bet she’s smokin’ hot. And I bet her dad owns a car dealership.

  28. She is obviously stupid, not old – hence “any one” and not anyone.

    Oh, and the download a webcam thing too; that is further proof…

  29. LOL @ #9. hilarious.

  30. you need to download adobe flash player first! duh

  31. LOLOLOLOLOL =)))))))) Download a brain instead XD

  32. There you go. Now strip naked in front of it and yell “Happy Birthday!”

  33. download internet first…


  35. Oh come on, it’s pretty obvious she is just a retard that can’t explain herself properly, rather than a retard that thinks physical objects can be downloaded.

    I’m pretty sure she means where can she UPLOAD her webcam IMAGES.

    She is simply a camwhore too stupid to be able to do it right… basically, the best kind.

  36. PS roofie… it’s not called adult entertainment. That would be alcohol and drugs. It’s called PORN, and it’s what the internet is for…

  37. wow, this is amazing.

  38. must be a blonde.

  39. yeah, they are free at downloadblewebcamzrock.com. they have a variety of colors, effects, and sizes to choose from. my favorite is the pink leopard with the x ray vision option.

  40. This girl is obviously a moron.

  41. I hope she’s joking.

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