Monday, October 19, 2009

Gurd Luck


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  1. Ummm, huh?

  2. losers are so funny!

  3. That’s top shelf class right there…dear lord…

  4. Do they have conjugal visits in jail? Or is that only in prison?

  5. You too can feel Lucy’s pain, at

  6. LOL omg Boz that’s amazing

  7. Aw, she rhymed!

  8. Jailer: So you came to bail out Toby?

    Lucy: No, I just wanted one of them conjugal visits, we’re trying to have a baby and I’m ovulating like a mo-fo.

    Jailer: Right this way. Can I watch?

  9. and I just accidentally voted in Inmate of the Month

  10. Oh Lucy Down, friend of Sophiee Bradshaw, I’m afraid you’ve been outed as well.

  11. conjugal visit sex > make up sex

  12. @Dave how the hec do you find all their original names!?

  13. Through some kind of Slut Magic, that’s how.

  14. @Dave

    great work, but you might just have too much free time on your hands.

  15. Well, part of my research (academic that is, not weirdo stalking) looks into security and how little information is really required to be able to de-anonymise individuals online.

    I’m going to stop now ’cause I’ve made my point and I don’t want to be responsible for Lamebook posts being pulled! I’d much rather laugh at, and be continually amazed by, the sheer idiocy of the internet ‘tards. Cheers.

  16. @ Boz’s link… what on earth? ” If you are tired of meeting people who are only looking for a pen pal, then you are at the right site. Hot Prison Pals.Com is your answer to find that special soul mate!”

    Yup, I just KNOW my soulmate is locked away for God knows what and I won’t actually be able to be around him for how many decades. It’s true love!

    How do inmates even get on something like this? I mean they don’t have internet and their mail (and money) is restricted, right?

  17. @ uhhh

    Wrong. You should see what some prisons offer. I’ve heard of one that had HBO and 2 hours of internet per day, per inmate. Most jails allow their inmates online for a bit, each day… although the websites are restricted. And everything is monitored. They don’t want to let some convicted felon e-mail someone on the outside to organize a crime.

  18. My dad can’t get cable television because he lives so far outside an urban area. They have cable television in Limerick jail. So, essentially, if he wants to watch The Daily Show he has to kill someone.

  19. sophiee is pretty hot 🙁

    pity she is obviously retarded or slipped on the ‘e’ button.

  20. Have you seen how many friends Lucy has?!

  21. @ mcowles (and sorta Boz except I think I know the answer to you) – seriously? Are you joking?

    I looked up a couple of those guys on their respective state corrections websites – every one of them put that they were in there for “a mistake” or a “bad decision,” one that usually included 4-10 counts of murder, arson, kidnapping, grand theft auto, etc… just, wow.

  22. I guess if you kill someone, it counts as a “bad decision”.

  23. yes, thank you, have a gurd nightt too

  24. Is the Lucy Down we’re looking for the chav girl with the scraped hair?


  25. I know I am regarded as something of a spoilsport, but why exactly are you trying to find their real names? That seems weird and stalkerish to me.

  26. ^ +1

  27. Unfortunately, Sophie didn’t point out whether by her ‘other half’ she meant the top of bottom of her.

  28. Dammit, I meant ‘top or bottom’.

  29. There are 20 Liams on Sophieeeee’s friends list. I’d say that was crazy but she also has 1,056 friends, all very close friends I’m sure O.O

    Poor Lucy, your boyfriend will be out eventually, all will be gurd in the world once again.

  30. Knifey McFivehead

    Lucy must be related to that chef on the muppets.

  31. its all the jews fault

  32. @Ben

    Weird and stalkerish indeed.

    @31 Boz

    That makes my brain hurt in two completely different ways. Well done.

  33. WWTTFF??

  34. lol, she actually rhymed!!

  35. lol, yeah jailhouse rap!

  36. thank you. I will have a “gurd” night.

  37. Gurd = Gay Until Release Date…

  38. hahaha

    gay until release date ftw

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