Thursday, April 19, 2012

Foto Fun!

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  1. hey now hey now…they can’t all be interesting stories! you’re welcome to give em a rating out of ten if it makes you feel better

  2. zero

  3. no. minus 12.

  4. Mrs Annie Throp, when’s the last time you changed your tampon? Because you are the most cynical bitch I’ve ever seen. You might wanna get that checked out.

  5. minus 300.

  6. the question is, msanne – did it make you feel better?
    i suspect it didn’t.
    can’t blame a guy for trying though!

  7. bullshit it didn’t. laughter is the forth best medicine.
    well, after cannabis (lunch), alcohol(dinner) and paracetamol(breakfast)

    and i wasn’t the only one laughing at you, doofus.

  8. You are such a winner. Drugs and alcohol, being an anonymous bitch, eating your meals in a weird order, forever alone. Why haven’t you ended it yet?

  9. are you fucking kidding?
    no wait. i don’t think you even know how to kid.
    i don’t really know what to do with twats like you who are so fucking serious about this.
    stop telling me how much you suck. i get it.
    and please don’t try and tell me what to do, your opinion underwhelms me. hell, you underwhelm me.

  10. well i’m truly glad it brought a ray of sunshine to your otherwise bleak existence! it’s nice to help people!
    paracetamol, msanne? what’s that for? a headache brought on by alcohol-related dehydration, i suspect? i refer you to earlier comments…i believe the same comments that got under your skin so much, it seems, where i expressed the view that there’s nothing you can do about the dehydration. ahh…feels good to be right.
    thats an interesting….diet/lifestyle/path to death you got going there…
    by comparison sunday morning for me is more like “get up really early, have a protein shake…feeling fucking great…i’ll go to the park and do a run and run up some stairs…fuck yeah”. did 6000 stairs just this morning in record time for me msanne. makes ya feel alive! high five me, msanne!! yeah woohoo! you should totally come along!!
    oh that’s right…you couldn’t keep up.

  11. you seem to be losing your grip…is your face all red and grumpy-pants?

  12. When you lose an argument, you start to insult the other persons “Ability” to argue. That’s how you know Thropper is losing.

  13. my face does go a bit red when i do stairs msanne!! have you been peeking? and i sweat like a mofo, man!! you should see it!! sometimes i even puke, but i love it when i do because it means i’m at the edge of what i can possibly do.. its getting harder and harder to get there these days, msanne!! i’ve even seen a couple of people have heart-attacks on these stairs i’m talking about dude! woooooot! oh and the hill i often do? it’s not called suicide hill for no reason, msanne! you never know you could get lucky!!
    grumpy…no not really, although if i do get mad about something, a heavy cardio session is a great place to put that sort of energy anyways! charrrge!!
    actually, you sorta remind me of this chick i saw yesterday. she was wearing tights and had a massive cameltoe going on. her gunt was on display and she didn’t seem to be aware that her flappy self was quite ouchy to behold. she just strutted around, doing her thing, totally unaware, msanne!
    i’m sure you can see the comparison. you’re a clever girl!
    beefcake msanne!!! BEEEEFCAKE!!!

  14. ^my my. another page-long rant that i will never read.

    are you trying to compensate for the lack of something?

    you go to all this trouble and i just ignore it, sneer at you, and call you a dickhead again.
    i hope you’re enjoying yourself.

  15. i totally am msanne!! another big sesh planned for this morning, right after this!! woooooooo!!!! reckon i might do a big one today, i seem to be flying on the wings of msanne’s butthurt!
    hey msanne…you might wanna…you know…pull the fabric outta that cameltoe dude. i’m sure those juices of yours’ll dissolve that fabric in no time.
    and then where will you be, msanne? in a situation where you’re wearing crotchless tights!
    haha…i bet you do read ’em msanne. but wotevs mate, wotevs!
    tell me, msanne, what exercise have you got planned for today. you know they say you should get an hour every day, right? you do that, right?
    you forgot to call me a dickhead msanne. next comment hey!

  16. oh and msanne…it’s no trouble! no trouble at all. really! you’re totally worth it, msanne.

  17. i, think by this point, you’re totally on your own, slug.

  18. is that what you think, msanne? but, you see, the thing is, you’re here with me, so how can i be on my own?
    *feels the warm glow*

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