Monday, April 29, 2013

Putting on a show!

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  1. C’mon Lamebook.

  2. Wanna pull a party popper? Careful…you’ll get red on you.

  3. Wouldn’t it be inside her and not just sitting halfway in?

  4. I would be guessing that it would more likely be a white puffball hanging from his draw string. But still a classy picture none the less.

  5. Oh come on. That’s not a tampon. That’s the white trim on the dress same as the other girl has.

    People need to get their eyes checked.

  6. For how long were you looking at the picture before you came…

    …to that conclusion?

  7. Well, this answers the question “now what did I do with troll doll?”

  8. lucky bastard.

  9. Tampon or not, I’d eat that pussy out while fucking the other slut up the ass.

  10. Yeah because that’s what tampons look like when women use them. We just leave them dangling half way out instead of putting them inside where they would actually be useful. Did a 10 year old boy write that? If it was a tampon you might see a short string, that’s it.

  11. i see lots of people who have no clue what a tampon is used for.

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