Friday, December 18, 2009

FTW Friday!


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  1. You deserve a medal for understanding the immense amount of rubbish I spout sometimes, bravo Maralie and I’m not being sarcastic either! Some idiots are always idiots though, it’s hardly exposing them when they can barely conceal their complete lack of braincells…chat up lines have to be the funniest of them by far though

  2. @Jenivere:
    Yeah, ‘suave’ lines are so brilliant.
    P.S. I’ll gladly wear that medal! It’s all easy to understand, just as long as it doesn’t have anything under the lines of “…i prolly added u to see how u looked,” I’m perfectly well off.

  3. Haha pick up lines? Does anyone use pick up lines anymore, let alone one’s that aren’t cheesy and scare people off? And trying to pick up via the internet is so wrong. Bill needs to design and implement a computer that can slap a person with a newspaper and tell them ‘NO!’ when it detects the user flirting cheesily on the internet.

  4. How about this one?

    “Hi sexy. Write back and then we’ll see how many times I can make you squirt before you faint.”

    Yeah that was the opening line

  5. @Anitalaff you assured me our correspondence would be kept strictly confidential.

  6. @ Jenivere & Maralie … now that’s how to conduct a civil internet conversation! Props to you both – and I do not mean that in a “let’s kick it” chat-up kind of way either…!

  7. The language barrier has now left me wondering what sort of props these are – for a play? From a film? I hope it’s either lightsabers or spares from a porn set, or even better both to make a truly terrible parody…

  8. Haha Jenivere!

    Right, let me try again…. kudo’s to you both!

    In a-tipping of my hat,

    (PS. If you do wonder about my strange grasp of the English language, I don’t live in the USA, UK, or Australia/NZ. That’s as much as I’ll give away, though I do have an Antarctic heart…)

  9. i ran a proxy on your connection – you’re NZ.

  10. Hat tipping? Not UK….that makes you Southern Irish then? Top o’ the mornin’ to ye’!

  11. No Gripper, not NZ. Had a few visits there years ago, but that’s all.

    Not Irish either, Jenivere! Though I’d like to spend my retired years there, to be honest.

    Sorry, didn’t mean to sidetrack this thread and go too far off-topic… and I honestly don’t think it all that important to know the nationality of anyone else here, anyways. It can be fun but often leads to silly stereotyping.

  12. We’re all anonymous, well most of us anyway, so it matters not. I just like giggling at the differences in some sayings that make no sense over here! At the end of the day, we’re only here to laugh at stupid people, but if occaisionally an interesting conversation arises, let it happen, it balances the clever/dumb ratio in the world.

  13. Spot on, Jenivere, spot on… hope that made sense to you! *laughs*

  14. This is an amazing site. Just brilliant…

    Not sure I can take much more of this Antarctic Circle guy though – every comment he makes just makes me drowsy and bored.

    Dude. Writing. It’s not really your thing. Please cease and desist. Thanking you in advance…

  15. @ scuter: you’re not required to read the comments. if you continue to read despite getting bored, are you not just aggravating yourself?

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