Thursday, October 29, 2009

Looks like ANOTHER week


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  1. ahh…children are a blessing.

  2. James is epic he’s fighting evil parenting.

  3. JAMES FTW!!!!!!!!

    my fave part is that she’s like “bet another week of grounding will do the trick!”
    as if he’s done this before. haha.

  4. children are truly nature’s little miracles!!! That’s why they need to have the shit slapped out of them daily until you kick them out of the house at 15.

  5. @31 I agree. The kid has to accept the stepparent as a parent before they try and start grounding them. From the way she refers him I don’t think they’re there. It would be a war in my house if something like this happened(Of course everything is hypothetical).

  6. aaaaaaaahahahaha. The FUK U , is just amazing.
    I lold so hard at this one I scared the shit out of my kitty cat. Best one in a while.

  7. James ftw! Fighting off the evil step mother. She no right to ground him she should be back in the kitchen washing up or something.

  8. That is so incredibly…inappropriate on all levels!!!! I would beat that child to within an inch of his life and then beat his daddy for good measure!! 🙂

  9. How do this grounding thing works? I’ve never got grounded before…I don’t think it would’ve worked on me.. I got beat when I was little…

  10. haaaaaaaaaaaa JAMES! LOL…… i love lamebook… this one is KILLING ME

  11. Corporal punishment FTW!

  12. @#38 Tanizaki “Get off my lawn.”

    pfffffftt!!! you just made me *gigglesnort*


  13. haha! this is great 😀

  14. The callow youth has no style. Clearly he should have written “HAHAHA DISREGARD THAT, I SUCK COCKS”.

  15. @Prcksicht Your comment just made it more hilarious

  16. @Prcksicht is right, theres just no sense of class today. if you wanna assassinate someones character, do it right.

  17. I’d beat the shit out of James for being a cunt.

  18. well it is his step-mom so i get it. all the step-moms ive ever met (not my own, my parents are still together) are horrid to their step kids and the real dads dont do shit about it which is wrong. so you go james!

  19. @ESM

    that’s really dumb, not ALL step-mom’s are evil or whatever, and honestly, the kid deserves to be grounded for behaving like a five-year-old. whether he had a point or not, throwing a fit doesn’t get your point heard, not to mention he spelled “fuck” wrong… twice. i’d ground his ass just for that, lol.

  20. James, you are my hero.

    How I wish MY stepmother could be on the receiving end of this.

  21. As someone who grew up with step-parents on both sides of my family, I know of what I speak when I say that step-parents absolutely cannot be the chief disciplinarian of their step-children; it doesn’t work, and it ruins the already-strained relationship.
    Ronda needs to learn that to James, she’s just some adult, holding no more authority or respect than a neighbour, or a friend of his parents.
    From the little we can see of Ronda, she appears to be trying to establish herself as dominant over James, and if she doesn’t smarten up, James’ dad will send her packing if he cares about his son.

  22. Hey sensfan33, what happens when the biological parent fails to step up in the disciplinary aspect of the child’s life? Should the step-parent just sit back and watch the kid that they obviously care a lot about become an incoherent, undisciplined, waste of skin?

    I was just wondering since you seem to be an expert on this issue. Did your parents (step or biological) take time raising you properly? Because from this little shit-head’s attitude it looks like something is missing. So props to Ronda for actually caring.

    BTW, the Sens suck. Eat a dick loser.

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