Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Happy Winsday






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  1. God damnit I’m fighting the “first” urge.

    These are kind bleh

  2. First.

    Love it! They are just full of WIN.


  4. Whereas my “first” post, is full of fail.

  5. You guys are a bunch of immature assholes commenting on the first comment.

  6. Cara = WIN

  7. You know Cumdog, I didn’t get the “first” thing. I really didn’t. It seemed so fucking pathetic. Sitting here, waiting. Waiting to comment. But then I did it and you know what? It feels good. All these people will come to comment and see MY comment first. MINE. Oh god, what a rush.

  8. Anonymous and Chuckoir are worse than anyone in this post..

    Usually I just kinda chuckle at Lamebook posts but reading their ridiculous comments made me want to punch my monitor in the hopes it would make it to them.

  9. Wow dude, get out more, seriously.. and find a job.

    If this is the highlight of your day, you must have some serious issues going on.

  10. It’s ok zilos, you’ll get a “first” someday. Today just happened to be my day. No need to be jealous.

  11. You love it.

  12. Cumdog is intelligent…

  13. If you say so. Whatever makes you feel better eh.

  14. I know Dan. What a dick!!!

  15. I hate to admit it, but I know dan too. He really is a dick.

  16. I concur.

  17. Cara and Andy FTW!

  18. Board. LOL. Cute.

    Nice response, Andy. šŸ˜€

  19. Andy, Graeme FTW.

    And I didn’t notice James had spelt ‘bored’ wrong till I read the reply. Awesome!

  20. Rob is the most failful person in this thread.

  21. What a f-ing horrible generation.

  22. The Scarlet Pimple

    Dan’s ssstatus is even more depressing than Hilary Duff’s version of “My Generation.” Fuck our generation.

  23. i hate farmville

  24. If I remember correctly, I’m pretty sure Dan’s status is a line from a Limp Bizkit song. If that’s true, I really hope he’s shooting blanks because he should never procreate. Posting song lyrics as your status = douche. Posting Limp Bizkit lyrics on anything = super ultra mega douche. I bet he posted that with either a popped collar or an backwards Tapout hat on.

  25. *a backwards Tapout hat

  26. Some people got milk, James got board. To each his own.

  27. Would love to be a fly on the wall when Dan’s dad – or grandfather – pointed out Limp Bizkit’s homage to Roger Daltrey’s affected stutter from The Who’s My Generation.
    Better still if they then went on to tell him the LB number was a “Catchy little tune, son” . . .

  28. Haha, classic, Thesaurapist!

    Limp Bizkit will forever be ruined for poor Dan…

  29. *I cannot believe that some arsehole had the nerve to butcher Limp Bizkit song by… Never mind. Good on you Rob for the awesome diss!
    *Graeme LMFAO!
    *James you’re a knob that needs to go back to school if you’re so board!
    *Alex: Does it take 2.5 Hours for the date rape drug to kick in?
    *Andy don’t be so harsh! Maybe Obama is not getting enough action from his first lady and is looking for a little extra booty!

  30. #30: That was random! Good comment thou, i nearly lost my coffee

  31. @ Billionaire: I approve!
    Steal that millionaire-weasel’s thunder, please – well, not so much ‘thunder’ as a barely audible fart, but anyway – and hopefully we’ll soon be rid of him. Or her.

  32. I enjoy cumdog much in the same way that, in pitch dark solitary confinement I would enjoy being gnawed on by rats- just to remind me that I’m alive.
    That is, until too many rats ‘hit it’.

  33. Cumdog Billionaire must be CumDog Millionaires homosexual alter ego, or his true self.

  34. I have to say, getting first comment feels good, but there’s no need to actually say first. We all know you got there first because ther’s a little 1, right next to your name

  35. people who comment “first” are often last in life.

  36. Cara and Andy rule.

  37. I’m often last at life. Worse than that, the only time I was ever ‘first’ here, I managed to botch putting a line right through it (FIRST) too, and felt like a complete twunt.
    With that being said, Iā€™d hit it.

  38. @Don

    Hun, you’re worrying about the ‘first’ people after your comments about having (average) sex in a snuggie???

    And Thesaurapist, I’d hit yer twunt if ya had one.

  39. Obama is black.
    I’m not sure if anyone
    has noticed it yet.

  40. Graeme wins.

  41. what is a twunt? Is it used in reference to an underdeveloped cunt, like the tween label???

  42. @ Insane, a twunt is a combination of twat and cunt. Although I like your version more.

  43. Anita – soon as I get one, you’ll be the first to know . . .

  44. Thanks Dee. I am deelighted to know some more slang!

  45. I find it funny how one president can cause a fucking war and still be less popular than the one who is trying to help out the economy. You have to spend money to make money folks.

  46. First of all, Obama’s half black. Just like Derek Jeter he’s a halfrican american

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