Friday, February 5, 2010

Keep on Haitin’

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  1. zing! ^

  2. Anybody who responds to a Hippy Princess with a Come-check-out-what-I-did-in-my-toilet” needs to be on my Friends List!

  3. Aaron = Aawesome
    Pretty funny!

  4. jukaswo – your spelling = not awesome

  5. Michelle is a bug that needs to be squashed repeatedly. It’s ridiculous that thinks she can help yet she needs to ask for help first in the form of $5 donations so that she can get her lazy ass to Haiti and gawk at others’ suffering.

    If anybody really wants to help, send your money to me. I will be spending most donations on lottery tickets and some on slot machines – and most of any winnings could possibly be donated to some Haiti relief fund. Thank you in advance suckas.

  6. Walter, you are a poor human being.

  7. You can help fix that, young lady.

  8. Crossed the line again!! Its people like that that give Humans a bad name!! I’ve got a good sense of humour! But Haiti jokes just aren’t funny and shouldn’t be funny to anyone worth space on the planet!!

  9. I feel really badly but the grocery carts full of haitian children actually did get a chuckle out of me for exactly the reason @Sensible stated. Then I read the comments and felt a bit less guilty.

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