Monday, December 20, 2010

Piece of Cake!

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  1. All Cake songs sound the same.

  2. “I want a guy who can take me out, unashamed.”

    I bet she’s really hot. 😉 But seriously, that’s asking for too much.

  3. Still blocked?

  4. The guy’s main goal in the relationship is to make you feel special? Fuck that. Bitches gotta leave some room to breathe.

  5. Great, now I’ll have this song stuck in my head forever.

  6. slicingupeyeballs

    My main goal is ALWAYS to fuck’em.

    unless she’s too fat to take out unashamed, then my main goal is to fuck her without my mates knowing…

  7. Charles FTW….Vivian your’e an idiot.

  8. Yeah, because the whole world listens to lame music.

    By the way, I think you meant “you’re”, not “your’e”.

  9. Everybody but you loves Cake

  10. Cake is from Sacramento, that is where I live. That makes me special.

  11. I am still not a fan of people making fun of others for not knowing something. Maybe she just isn’t recognizing the lyrics.

    But they are continuing to make fun of her, in front of her, by singing the song. No one is helping her either.


  12. I’m usually a little ashamed whenever I’m out with a lady friend and somebody I know sees us. It’s worse when one of my kids sees us and I have to try to bribe them not to tell my wife.

    That is, of course, unless my lady friend is really, really hot and I can see the pride in my kids’ eyes when they meet her. I love that actually. They go home and tell my wife that she’s lucky that I always go home to her when I could be with a real hottie.

    (I hate Cake. )

  13. The Cake is a lie?

  14. Yes. Yes, it is.

  15. this was really lame. viviana sounds like a desperate whore, but those other assholes take the proverbial cake.

    i went to the trouble of listening to the song in question, and it was awful. it really winds me up when dull americans think they’re being really funny and inspired when in fact they’re just smug suburban frat boys. if i ever met someone who liked cake, i would set them on fire. if someone ever quoted their godawful lyrics on my facebook, i would break into their house, download child snuff porn onto their computer and call the paedo squad.

  16. Vincent, you have that strong of an opinion based on listening to one song? Way to go on being a logical human being.

  17. @vincent

    Get over yourself, you annoying little berk.

  18. @vincent:

    Nice teeth. Have you ever considered a toothbrush, or maybe visiting a dentist?


    haha this is a bunch of peoples opinion of the song… I thought it was kinda funny and worth sharing.. Enjoy:)

  20. look guys, it’s the cake-loving drones of american suburbia with their dull earnestness and badly conceived put-downs.

    although mikey mike does have a point. sometimes, as i sit in my thatched cottage in london, europe, i wish i had proper american teeth instead of these gnarly brown stumps.

    then i awaken from my slumber and thank allah that i don’t have to live in a country populated by unfunny dickheads like mike. although we don’t have dentists, motor vehicles or computers in this backward banana republic i live in, at least i don’t have to endure twats like cake on the radio.

  21. Charles and Larry FTW. That’s one of my favorite songs.

    MsBuzzkillington, she didn’t need their help when Google was literally at her fingertips. Once they repeat “I want a girl with a short skirt and a long jacket” more than once (if not before then), she should have been hip the fact that it’s a song lyric.

  22. On the internet stupid people are fair game.

    We must beat them with mean spirited sarcasm and vague references until they learn to trust nobody.

    It’s for their own good.

  23. Cake sucks. Pop shit

  24. @summerdaez yes thanks for correcting me. And I fucking hate cake, but, I still thought this was funny.

  25. By the time Charles started separating the lines, I would have definitely Googled it assuming it was a song.

  26. vincent FTW. Stick your Cake where the sun don’t shine (and I don’t mean Manchester).

  27. That was fucking gay…..not only because I haven’t heard the song yet (checking the link above after this) but, come on…

  28. @vincent I agree, but keep in mind, not all of us over here are asshole twat bags like MikeyMike. The decent ones are too few and far between.

  29. If CAKE the band were an actual cake they would be Battenburg… (the shittest of all cakes)

    I would not be ashamed of Viviana, i would express my love for her with a claw hammer, a scalpel and some anal beads.

  30. Against my better judgement after reading those crappy lyrics I decided to have a quick listen (thanks bennyboy for the link). Wish I hadn’t bothered.

  31. I love Cake! And yes, I’m American but I don’t make a habit of associating with fratty, immature boys. I would’ve never thought to put Cake in that same category; they’re quite the opposite.

    One of my favorite songs of theirs is “Rock N Roll Lifestyle.” The lyrics are more ironic than anything.

    Is this a quality song? No, more like a catchy tongue-in-cheek song.

    From Wiki:
    The music video for this song is composed entirely of vox pop footage of members of the public listening to the song on headphones. They are seen displaying a wide range of reactions to the unconventional style of the song, expressing enthusiasm, criticism or apathy. Some are seen happily dancing to the song, while another man is seen giving the headphones back partway through and refusing to listen to the rest, stating “I’ve heard this all back in the 40s.” Other comments include “As a psychologist, I think this has therapeutic value,” “I don’t like the na-na-na part,” and “I don’t like all that thumping.”

  32. I think I would fuck Viviana. I’m not sure though.

    Is she ugly but fit?

    Is she mostly ok but has an extreme limp?

    Is she fat but has a sexy laugh and a ps3 with lots of games?

    Does she have nice skin and is really friendly and caring but she’s a big purple dinosaur?

    I don’t know.

  33. Walter too many questions man…

    Only one matters;
    Is her vagina moist?

  34. @32 Take all the ironic, cutesy, pun-laden lyrics you like. Every Cake song sounds the same.

  35. Cake is too sexy for all y’alls. If you had seen them at KROQ’s Almost Acoust Xmas you would see how many people love them.

  36. Is it just me that’s depressed that ‘Girl Who Made The Facebook Status’ has never been with someone who wasn’t ashamed to leave the house with her?

  37. herculestrockefeller

    I love Cake, though this isn’t their best long.

    Most bands always sound the same, seeing as they usually use the same instruments, singers, line-up, etc.

    For example, Oasis….

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