Monday, December 20, 2010

The Terrible Type

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  1. Why does that old guy have a badly spelled teenage girl’s tramp stamp tattooed across his arm?

  2. Oh, and b b b benzer!

  3. Methinks Christine’s comment was more Freudian than typo. Dude looks a little light in the loafers.

  4. hehe tramp stamp lol

  5. Miss Shegas said what I was thinking. That’s an awfully bristly masculine chin to go with that flowery tattoo.

  6. With a name spelled “Khrystina,” I wouldn’t expect better spelling. (I know, I know, her mom can’t spell.)

  7. Actually I think the Guy in the tat pic is actually a girl with some testosterone issues. It does say Lisa’s photos.

  8. The guy with the tattoo reminds me of those Russian women in the Olympics. Scary.

  9. I brake for poinsettias.

  10. What doesn’t brake you, allows you to carry on at your present speed.

  11. There is no way that’s a girl… he’s got facial hair! That being said, the most disturbing thing about that tattoo isn’t the typo, it’s the bright pink flowers…

  12. Aside from all other noteworthy observations:

    Why are “makes” and the second “you” the only words not capitalized in that tattoo?

  13. _isglory: because it’s a shitty tattoo.

  14. You haven’t taken your jacked off yet?! You disgusting pig..if you don’t take it off, the warmth will soon wither to crusty.

    @ tattoo man, whoever braked in front of you, so you wouldn’t break, should have kept driving.

    @Christine, to be fair, your guy does look like one…and whatever suit you’ve put your baby into, will probably influence him to grow up a bit fruity as well.

  15. What a girly tattoo!

    Keona, what makes you say the baby is a boy?

  16. I would fuck Christine whilst ramming a butt plug into her effeminate husband. I will put the baby somewhere out of the way, the ridiculous outfit would only put me off.

    Nothing says ‘blast a load on my chin’ like a flowery, incorrectly spelt tattoo does it?

  17. I don’t understand the logic in lisa’s tattoo. Why can’t things that brake you make you stronger if everything else does? Like, so if I ride my bike with no hands it makes me stronger, but if I put my shoe against my tire it doesn’t?! Fuck you Lisa you fucking cunt whore slut. You suck. You blow. I hate you with every cell in my body. If you were a candle I would melt you down and then pour you into mold that says “cunty whore” and then I would watch you burn slowly and I would stick burnt matches in your liquid wax parts and then blow my nose and put the tissue on your flame and accidentally start a small fire and then pour a bucket of water on you. Yeah.

  18. @curly I just have to assume a boy, because this is lamebook, and what better way to be lame than put your son into some fruity strange animal costume. Perhaps Imamofo can grab a mini butt plug for it.

    Of course, if it’s female, then it would still look ridiculous. I’d never put my kid into some costume and humiliate it.

    Dear mommies, what ever happened to normal clothes? This is way past Halloween.

  19. I was going for girl because of the little pink leggings. But yeah, could be a boy. Either way you’re right – it’s a silly looking costume.

  20. @keona & Curlybap – not sure if it helps, but that’s a girl’s halloween costume from old navy. It’s a peacock 😛

  21. Ahhh I had to look again, now I see. I’m not looking again though because I maybe, just maybe, kinda thought it was a bit cute that time! Must be in a better mood than I was this morning lol.

  22. The public school system did well for me. I didn’t realize the word “brake” was the wrong “break” in the tattoo, until someone pointed it out. I thought it was just a picture of a really girlie tattoo on a man.

  23. softtushiedblonde

    Don’t blame your incompetence on your school

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