Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tip Top Type

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  1. Future citizens!!!

  2. This one is for Haters!!! Poop

  3. mmm yummy butt flies.
    They are a total turn on.
    So is being first.

  4. ^ You thought too much before hitting the submit button.

  5. Her butt flies every time she makes a bad decission and meets up with Tony T.

  6. bullshit, my dick!

  7. butt FILES… at least on the website that posted this yesterday.

  8. It took longer to type than I thought it would take because just before I pressed the enter key I realised I accidentally composed a fucking HAIKU! I obviously had to count and recount the syllables several times on my fingers just to be sure and to congratulate myself a few times.
    Otherwise… I would have been first and hindustever would have wept.
    Maybe next time 🙂

  9. May be, homey!

  10. ButtFiles:The Movie ought to be a real dumper when it comes out.

  11. Could raise a stink!

  12. Hot.

  13. Dammit, I didn’t read it clearly.

    Her butt files every bad decission she makes with Tony “The Tiger” T.

  14. “boner”

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