Tuesday, February 26, 2013

You’ve Assumed Correctly

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  1. Sounds legit!

  2. There would be many more tears being fought back in the bathroom if those gas station nachos actually ad gotten eten.

  3. had gotten eaten….keyboard is cutting out.

  4. ^ yup, some one did the math a while back and proved that any burning pain going into the body is always only one seventh of the pain as it eventually exits the body.
    R.I.P. booty valve

  5. Doesn’t he mean “It’s Nacho day”? I apologize…that was cheesy.

  6. ^ Amen to that, Kyla.

    I’d assume it’s nacho week.

  7. Damn, beatus. You got beaten to the pun.

  8. I did. Oh, well.

  9. “boner”

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