Tuesday, February 26, 2013

2 Birds, 1 Kid

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  1. That’s good. You took both hands off the wheel to 1-up some who is a fraction of your age… Don’t you feel special. Dumbass

  2. I seriously can’t stop laughing.


  3. I was driving behind a school bus once. The little boys in the back seat held up a sheet of notebook paper in the emergency exit window that simply said “Show Tit”.

  4. ^did you?

  5. she must’ve, or else that would’ve been a pretty shitty story…

  6. How was she able to stare into a school bus? Was she driving a monster truck to work?

  7. I had some kids moon me from their 5th wheel trailer once. That was pretty funny.

  8. #3 Did they run out of room on the paper for the s to request the showing of both tits or were they figuring better odds if they only asked for one, you know to be less demanding?

  9. ^ Or maybe they didn’t know how to spell “Shout it”.

  10. #8 Well, there were two of us in the car. Maybe in the midst of their academic pursuits they read some statistic about how 1 in 4 tits will reveal themselves upon request.

  11. the bird is the word

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