Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Time for Some Terrible Type

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  1. smokecrack0fuckchickens

    Roasted dick

  2. smokecrack0fuckchickens

    I like consuming babies too

  3. Stever is back, Suck it lamebook!

  4. 1. the cook->cock/words that sound like cock ones are getting kind of old.
    dad’s famous sausage, however, makes it sooooo much better 😀

    2. lame.

    3. lol @ Joy

    4. if the baby was consumed, perhaps not something you should to share with our judgemental world, some people might not get that. if the baby was indeed concieved, then who on earth cares/wants to know? lame.

  5. I hate the generalized ocean. It just never gets its point across . . .

    Who the fuck cares when you consumed your child? Or even conceived it? Fuck off!

  6. maybe brooke meant consumed, it’s better than conceiving one

  7. Perhaps if Brooke had been to the specific ocean she would be able to express herself more directly.

  8. Charlie Incognito

    Between mom’s peach and dad’s sausage, not to mention the cokout, Marissa is a Freudian trainwreck

  9. Hahahaha Brooke ya tit!!! 🙂

  10. 1. “dad’s famous sausage” has a meaning of itself. It goes well with the typo.
    2. Hilarious.
    3. Joy FTW.
    4. People like Brooke should not be allowed to “consume” babies.

  11. Nonsense, Bone! I love babies, they’re tender and succulent and oh, so tasty!

  12. LOL@eusadnama

  13. Dick pizza ah? Thick or thin? Hand tossed? That makes a world of difference!

  14. My dick pizza has a pretty thick crust… it’s genetic, so please don’t mock.

  15. Does anyone else think that Brooke looks to be very underage?

  16. mama2one, you made my whole day!! bwahahahaha

  17. mcowles ; what the fuck! never comment on these things again, KTHANKS!
    Jim_diGris ; have you noticed most of the girls having babies these days are underage ?

  18. Shaannaa: You’re a moron, never comment on these things again, KTHANKS! Also, have you noticed most of the underage girls that do have kids are morons?
    Interesting coincidence …

  19. Nobody bad-mouths the great mcowles!

  20. OMG! The first one is so funny 🙂 hehe.

  21. victoriaadarlin

    yeahhhh im pretty sure that girls in high school lol.

  22. If Sarah is a fan of the comedy Kath and Kim she could have intentionally spelt Pacific that way. Malapropisms are common on that show: “Pacifically speaking Kim – Kel and I are going on a specific cruise!”

  23. thepreviouspost

    The “Specific Ocean” has just tied “Mario and Dreddy” for the best name ever!

  24. I genuinely laughed out loud at the mention of the ‘specific’ ocean. I’d heard people use ‘pacific’ in place of ‘specific’ before, but this is the first time I’ve seen them reversed! 😀

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