Friday, February 5, 2010

A Few Badvertisements

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  1. Rosie’s a Chromer.

  2. A girl can never have too many pearl necklaces.

  3. I’m sold on eHarmony, and all it took were boobs.

    I agree Penny Lane.

  4. Haha which pearl necklace are you talking about, Penny Lane?

  5. @ pennylane

    You seem nice… I will get you a pearl necklace anytime you 🙂

  6. *anytime you want… I forgot the want

  7. “is this the face of Christ? You decide.” baaaahaaahaaahaaa

    Why do I think it’s so funny?

  8. eenerbl is just getting hotter :)…(Penny’s married (believe blissfully was the term) so no inappropriate remarks)

  9. We’re the couple that you hate because you wish you were one of us. HA! I am almost sure one of us will poetically die of cancer in a decade.

  10. @slimjayz:

    I’ll trade ya “gud, gud” for a necklace!

  11. The second bottom one is fake.

  12. I’m guessin’ Penny Lane absolutely won’t take up your offer slimjayz

  13. I liked the cars. I wouldn’t call that badvertisment

  14. what is going on in stained glass window? lmao!

  15. No one else laughed at the “Get Your Crimilan Record Erased!” Lololol “crimilan”.

    And agreed on the pearl necklace statement!

  16. Rosie just got back from a muff diving expedition on a very unwell girlfriend/alien.

  17. Damn you, Lulz! You stole my thunder.

  18. I’m too tired for my usual lame attempts at humour, but… heh. Pretty funny post.

  19. @ eenerbl

    The gud, gud… the bad, bad and the naughty naughty… hook it up

    And just so you ladies know… A “pearl neckless” has been officailly ruled a gift by a US judge… Wanna know what you are getting for V-day 🙂

    Here is a bit out of the article
    She asserts that when plaintiff ‘delivered’ his sperm, it was a gift — an absolute and irrevocable transfer of title to property from a donor to a donee,” the decision said. “There was no agreement that the original deposit would be returned upon request.”

    And this isnt the only case I’ve heard like this

  20. AHAHAHAHA! Pearl Necklace! That’s a gud-gud!

  21. @ Lulz! I laughed at the Criminal one. I didn’t know Rosie O’Donnel’s wife painted her good good with silver paint! :O

  22. I am so looking forward to Valentines Day!

  23. definitely need my crimilan record erased. thanks Rosie

  24. A girl can’t have too many anus beads either. Unless it’s over 15. Then it gets freakay.

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  26. Beanstalker, that’s grubby. I like it!

  27. @Beanstalker: What if she needs to stock up? Is that acceptable?

  28. ahh the pearl necklace. always a classy gift.

  29. Anal beads, pearls… there are just too many choices. I’ll have to take them all.

    Pennylane, you could always have Slimjayz MAIL the ‘pearl necklace’ to you. Wouldn’t THAT be a treat?

  30. The best things about pearl necklaces are:

    1 They are free
    2 There is no limit on the number an industrious gal can collect.

  31. lmao @slimjayz and the gud gud, the bad bad and the ugly ugly, lol Classic

  32. Those ads aren’t real, are they?

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