Monday, February 21, 2011

A Simple Status

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  1. Kymberly’s parents must be from the same school of thought.

    And what’s with the Helen Keller jokes lately?

  2. Dear Lamebook

    Please stop posting these “Dear *insert name/thing*, request, followed by explanation as to why they’re making this request, Sincerely *insert name/thing*” jokes. They’re getting old, and they weren’t even funny in the first place.


    Every Lamebook readers ever.

  3. I liked the quotation marks one. I thought it was clever.

  4. I’ve been known to pound a colon or two in my time. Gives me a semi just thinking about it.

  5. If it has a period though how can it be inside unless its a strapon!?

  6. If the quotation marks one had used “Love,” instead of “Sincerely,” he would have had himself a mighty fine Haiku.

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