Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sex and the Sh*tty



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  1. So … is Nick Pearl someone everyone should know or did the intern just do another shitty job again?

  2. That girl you called ‘slut?’ Everyone knows she has a lot of casual sex, because she is open and comfortable with her sexuality and with using it to enjoy herself.

  3. ^^ “Open” being the preferred word. Don’t defend sluts, or man-whores for that matter. Makes you sound like a cunt.

  4. Hahaha… ZING!

  5. Mad2physicist, way to respond to slut-shaming. Honestly. The whole problem with this chain status is that the people described care way too much what other people think of them. The guy you tripped in the hallway? Will probably write a story about bringing a bomb to school in your English class and be suspended. The world goes on.



  7. Anyone who calls someone a slut or comments on it; is a goddamn whore.

  8. i lol`d my fucking ass off !

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