Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The L.A. Story

It’s a long one, but trust us, it’s worth it.

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  1. oh pahleez give me the last 5 minutes of my life back!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh snap.

  3. i am more than a little in love with cody.

  4. The only lame thing about this is that the SAME thing was posted last week.

  5. should have known better when it said, “it’s a long one but trust us it’s worth it”

  6. That was an amazing rick roll!

  7. Rickrolling: something that was lame to begin with and is now both lame and old.

  8. That was lame in 2008, even lamer now, and extremely lame when you put that much effort into a terrible joke.


  9. Trolling should be simple and not involve huge fucking paragraphs. Unsuccessful troll is unsuccessful.

  10. How in the fuck many times is this shit going to be posted? It wasn’t funny the first two or three times, either.

  11. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Fuck you guys modding Lamebook, seriously fuck you all.

  12. I actually thought it was pretty funny…

  13. I deserved to be rick rolled after all that. Good one. 🙂

  14. Bahahahaha! I loved it!

  15. I haven’t seen this before.
    Not bad.

  16. Fooled me. I was 90% sure the story was going to transition into the Fresh Prince song.

  17. Biggest waste of time in my entire life.

  18. All that effort and he can’t even get the lyrics right?

  19. I actually totally enjoyed this.

  20. crow: he came damn close though.

    On a related note, ever wonder how much royalty that little red-haired fuck makes as the indirect result of people rickrolling each other?

  21. Since “I’m” is two words (I am) the result is
    “never gunna hate will you up, never gunna will you am, never am run around and is you” and this sentence doesn’t make sense to me

  22. It wasn’t funny the first time it was posted. Or the other five times either.

  23. Rickrolling: the more you complain when it happens, the funnier it is.


  24. Déjà vu!

  25. I’ve been coming to this site for a couple of years now and I think it’s a great way to waste 5 minutes or so in between work.
    I often check the comments to see peoples opinions on the posts and it annoys me how much people complain, then keep coming back for more? What is the point? if you don’t like it, don’t visit the website, it’s that simple, there are literally millions of other websites out there that you could visit.

    I actually found this post quite entertaining, firstly because of the story then even more for the rick roll.

  26. This was posted. Really recently.

  27. I done never seen it posted nowhere else, and whilst half expecting to be freshprinced, gosh darn it if I didn’t laugh out loud.

  28. that was 5 minutes of my life I will NEVER get back!!!!!!1

  29. This was pretty funny.

    And boo freaking hoo it it’s been posted before or on the internetzzzz for forever. Not everyone sits on their ass all day on Lamebook memorizing the posts. Like another said, if you hate that they seem to repost things so much then you don’t have to come back to the site. Get the stick out of your ass.

  30. Those of you who act as though you are shining a splendid light on a subject by exclaiming that “THIS HAS BEEN POSTED BEFORE!!” should wake up and realise that most of what is recycled between Lamebook and other similar websites is copied, fabricated and has been done before.
    There is a very, very small percentage of genuinley original humour out there these days, so rather than judge a submission based on where it came from, who said this and who done what, how about we just laugh at something that’s funny and move the hell on?

  31. I was definitely expecting the judge to send him to live with his uncle and auntie in Bel Air.
    Otherwise, it was ok. Mildly entertaining.

  32. Here’s a much better story about accidentally picking up a prostitute:

  33. @bruno4 – You’re not supposed to include the 2nd word in the replies by other people. Dude’s not psychic.



  35. I’ve seen this before, but I enjoyed it at the time. And I think it’s worth the repost for those people that haven’t seen it. I mean, this is the most comments a LB post has had in ages.

    I also expected Fresh Prince. Is it just me, or have Fresh Prince references been making a comeback?

  36. Shit, I even jumped to the last paragraph EXPECTING a rickroll. Damn you, Cody, and your “every second word” subterfuge.

  37. eat shit, lamebook

  38. Stale.

  39. At least the story involved PBJ’s

  40. @gosling my first three words were wrong, but the others were correct. But my point was that “I’m” is two words. So his text was:

    never (or “my” if you count omg as three words) am will you up, never gunna will you am, never am run around and is you the

  41. Actually, contracted words are one word, not two (ie. “I’m” is one word, “I am” is two). They are contracted together to make one word. Also, he got all the lyrics right, starting with his status and reading every second word of his own posts.

  42. alright i got got on that one.

  43. OMG yes! Hilarious story AND got rickrolled!

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