Thursday, August 5, 2010

Motherly Love

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  1. Well, if yelling at it doesn’t work, I’m all out of ideas.

  2. EmKitt, my lovely fellow Aussie gal. Another I’ve not talked to in a while. How are you, my love?

    Miss, I don’t know whether the reverse would be better or worse for you…

    Farty man and snoring dog?

  3. I’ve had both combos at different stages of my life, so I can say with confidence, both combos are bad.

  4. Lamebook people, hello? Are you seeing this?

  5. Never!
    We have an agreement to keep some of the mystery alive.

    The dog however, can do as she pleases. Everything she does is adorable.

    Em, if yelling doesn’t work, sometimes throwing things does. Experience talking. 😉

  6. I’m alright I suppose, word. Same old nagging health problems as usual. Not too long now until I get the tonsils out. Mixed feelings about that.

    I’ve still been reading the lamebook posts every day but I haven’t had much to say. Still got that winter apathy, I think, but I’m in the process of applying for a passport so that might help to fix me up.

    How are you? I haven’t been reading the comments much. What’s new?

  7. I’m about to pass out word, I’ve got nothing more.

  8. Sweet dreams, Buns.

  9. Mystery is good, Miss. Mystery is a must to keep the juices flowing.

    EmKitt, I’m aok, but other than that, it’s same shit, different day.

  10. Your tonsils out, Em? I don’t want to scare you or anything, but that is a major surgical procedure. It is not one to be taken lightly.

  11. Just make sure you have ALL the information, and that you REALlY need to have them removed. Risks are high – post-op bleeding risks, that is.

  12. Ha! I don’t really need to caps lock anything with this fucking bold type, but I’m just a concerned health professional here.

  13. Yeah, I know it’s a shitty surgery to have done as an adult, but I’ve had tonsillitis once a month for the past year and it’s really shitting me off.

    I’ll make sure to get the boy working hard to look after me afterwards.

  14. Paranoid Android

    Normal text is resumed.

    I need Jesus and am going to the church on Sunday. I love you mama.

  15. Paranoid Android

    I don’t like the new style text, too brash, like an Aussie at a dinner party.

  16. Good to hear, EmKitt. You need someone to aid you in your recovery.

    And it’s Paranoid now! This is like a reunion day of sorts for me. How are you, stranger?

    I will not take offence to your “Aussie at a dinner party” comment.

  17. A dinner party? What’s that? Do you mean a barbie, Paranoid? … 😀

  18. Oh, word, I just remembered I do actually have some good news. I finally overcame my driving test anxiety and got my licence on my fourth try.

  19. Excellent and congrats, Em. See? There’s always a little bit of positive in life. You just had to think about it for a bit.

  20. And yeah, Em. Pfft to a dinner party! Us Aussies don’t do dinner parties. What the hell is he talking about?

    I gotta go. It’s been nice catching up with you, Em. Winter is almost over. Yay! A few more weeks and we’re done with it. I hope Melbourne is treating you better weather-wise than it is here in Sydney. It’s simply been the coldest Winter I can remember.

    Android, another time, I guess.

  21. Paranoid Android

    I was thinking more Sir Les Patterson at a dinner party 😀

    Am awaiting the end of the day when the weekend finally begins and I can pollute my body and destroy some brain cells with the over-consumption of alcohol, birthday on Sunday so I aim to be pissed from this evening to Monday morning.

  22. Paranoid Android

    TTFN lamebook, by the time I return on Monday, I want these pages to soothe my impending hangover, so no Justin Bieber/Twilight/Shark Week references.

  23. Fudgesicles. I was going to say, I quite enjoy reading the comments, typically more so than the actual Lamebook entries. They make me say “Oh, you… and all your shenanigans.”

  24. kkkateindeed, your name is giving me the willies. it’s like our new postman, nazi neil. there’s something about him i don’t like, but i just can’t place it…..

  25. what’s with the annoying boldness?

  26. the bold is making me sick

    Walter Threw Up
    August 6th, 2010 at 9:08 am


  27. play time

  28. i give up

  29. teo, I liked the Anchorman reference =D

  30. Please don’t unleash your furry…

  31. Is the Lamebook comments section rebelling or something?

  32. Bold and italicized? whats up y’all? Not sure whats going on but I’d like me a britishhobo…. as long as you have a sweet accent 🙂

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