Thursday, August 5, 2010

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  1. Wow. Just… wow.

    Especially Hannah.

    These are special people, folks.

  2. Dusty, I will concur. A French accent sounds great all the time, but when I hear it raging, like you, it gets me in that special place.

  3. wow doesnt cut it

  4. How do you fuck, and therefore also how do you rape, a cock? It sounds pretty damn painful.

    That’s a question I never thought I’d ask.

  5. Jesus, Hannah. If I saw one of my friends with that status, I’d dump ’em. Pun fully intended.

  6. Errrrrrr……. Ahem…. Shit!!!!

  7. Seriously some ppl need help I have never once thought bout eat my own shizz. Well maybe i would if i was deserted on a remote island with no food and couldn’t swim!

  8. Hobo…thanks for that thought. yikes…

    I dunno Dusty. My French teacher hated me. With good reason too…I didn’t take the class very seriously in the least. She would yell at me even when i was being “good”…and that never happened to me…

  9. meh im too tired to spell correctly.

  10. @Hobo, Sounding. Google it. You’ll wish you hadn’t, but it might answer your question.

  11. “Uncanny” is a strange word to describe Hannah’s said urge.

    “Overwhelming” would make more sense.

  12. .Matt Wilkinson I had 16 pokes today.. baha.
    50 minutes ago · Comment ·LikeUnlike

    Ladd Caldwell ‎16 pokes by 16 dicks… i knew you were gay.
    a few seconds ago · LikeUnlike · .Write a comment….

  13. i wonder how many of lamebook’s regular posters and readers saw hannah’s post and straightaway thought

    ‘ohmigod i TOTALLY know what hannah’s talking about!’

    but they’re just sitting on it- they don’t want to look foolish by acclaiming her without one other person saying it first….


    yeah totally loads.

  14. You know, I’ve posted some things on various sites while drunk that I shouldn’t have posted. There have been times when I’ve gone back the next morning and wished I could delete it. Lo and behold, Facebook has this awesome feature where you can actually delete status updates, comments, and other such things.

    Using this handy delete feature seems much more prudent than replying to your own drunken idiocy, thereby drawing even more attention to it than it probably got when you posted it originally at 3:34 AM, when most normal people are asleep or at least not on Facebook.

    I’m going to guess, though, that Connor is still at that stupid, stupid age where “I got wasted last night” is the absolute coolest thing you can possibly say now that the Internet has given every 12 year old access to the freakiest porn imaginable, and thus possession of porn is no longer interesting or cool. Getting enough alcohol to get “pretty wasted”, on the other hand, requires not only enough money for the alcohol, but also $20 and a strong stomach to pay off the smelly homeless guy hanging outside the liquor store so he’ll go in and buy it for you.

    Someday, when Connor gets older and his liver leaps from his abdomen in an attempt to throttle his brain and end the agony, he’ll look back on these heady days of his youth with some measure of regret, not only for the irreparable damage his binge drinking has done to his body, but also for the countless hand jobs he had to give Hobo Joe out by the dumpsters behind the liquor store after Joe decided $20 just wasn’t enough for those weekly cases of Schlitz.

    Godspeed, Connor. Godspeed.

  15. Just in case you’re curious, that’s called a suitcase piercing. Google it if you need proof.

  16. Why the fuck would anyone want to get their butthole pierced? I don’t even want to imagine the pain from shitting.

  17. Hannah wins in the gross department in this one … ugh.

  18. Miss Shegas, it might sound disturbing, but it really isn’t. Medically, it’s a procedure whereby a Urologist will insert what are known as urinary sounds (metal implements) of increasing thickness into the urethra – the aim being to relieve stricture.

    But there’s the layman’s dirty version, too.

  19. My french teacher was a nasty old lady. >_>

  20. i think there’s a definite opening for a soup comment here…

  21. I’m with ya on that one Xepher!

    Connor brought back memories of college: extreme arousal, mass amounts of tequila and my im away message just came crashing back to mind! I’ve been there dude, but I was a little more subtle…I think.

  22. I didn’t do French at school – I did German. My German teacher was a big fat bitch.

  23. Sometimes I am sorry I google the things I google and butthole piercings is one of those.

  24. I have a usually bitchy French teacher. It seems like you need to be a bitch nowadays to teach a second language.

    As for Hannah, I wouldn’t call her mood “uncanny,” as I would use the word, “having a mental breakdown.” Besides, you never know when that poop is Mr. Hanky waiting to spread his Christmas cheer.

  25. I teach a foreign language and I’m not a bitch!

    Hannah needs to learn what a filter is and use it. And I mean a filter for the things she posts for all to see, not for the poop.

  26. @Sensible “Someday, when Connor gets older and his liver leaps from his abdomen in an attempt to throttle his brain and end the agony” – brilliant!

  27. I love you too, Corey. I think I’ll be having some corn poop tomorrow around noon.

    Hannah, you have that urge because your inner monkey is demanding attention. Pick up that poo and then fling it at your significant other instead of eating it

  28. @Hobo

    ‘Scalled docking. Roll back foreskin, insert head of other bloke’s penis/ ladyfriend’s clit/ nipple/ random smallish object, then roll foreskin over said object and fuck away.

    I knew manning that sexual health helpline at uni all those years ago would come in useful one day.

  29. heeeey, hannah here. (: yeah i know, I share a lot of information that’s not needed… but, c’mon people I mean REALLY. it’s an honor to make the top 5. Unfortunately I can’t take full credit for this post… my boyfriend is hurt (bum ankle) and therefore, responsible for this post. Too bad for all y’all this is complete fiction! 😀 =P

  30. for some reason i always get cold sweats, the shakes and nausea when people from the posts come on here to grace us with their presence.

    i can stand lame at one remove, but lame in the virtual flesh…?


  31. LOL I laughed out loud at Hannah (hi Hannah, thanks for the much necessary and very inappropriate guffaw. 🙂

  32. How do you get poop with each other? and Fecesbook!

  33. *get to

  34. Pierced butt hole? What an interesting place to attach the leash… HONEY! Put the vacuum down and come see this!

  35. I just wonder if Connor got any positive responses.

    And he didn’t delete it because…he obviously had to be drunk to post it in the first place, but he still wants an answer!

    I hope he gets some head soon, poor guy.

  36. Oops forgot to close my <em>. Sorry.

  37. Why, oh why, did I google the butthole piercing? Although the gentleman in the photo had a lovely tattoo to set off his butthole-ring…

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