Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Busted By the Boss

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  1. Oh I am what I am, I’ll do what I want, but I can’t hide. I won’t go, I won’t sleep, I can’t breathe, until you’re resting here with me. I won’t leave, I can’t hide, I cannot be until you’re resting here with me.

  2. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    These happen far to often.

  3. Dildo or ditto?

  4. ^ Pretty sure they meant the singer Dido.

  5. This is fake.

  6. Lamebook_Moderator

    T1000, whilst your comments are appreciated we assure you that this post isn’t fake.

  7. Mm. Roswell theme song.

  8. Lamebook_Moderator is fake 😀

  9. Last.

  10. I wish my boss was Dido.

  11. ^But he’s a dildo, instead, isn’t he?

  12. Miss. Insidious


  13. What a weak post

  14. unless you can provide explicit scientific proof that this post is fake then i suggest you upgrade your eyeglass perscription. this looks real to me. oh nvm… you’re female. stupidity runs in your genes…. or is it jeans…. *shrug* same thing.

  15. Ciremelf, you sound like you get all the ladies.

  16. Beatusmongous, I wish my boss was a dildo, at least he’d give me some pleasure that way.

  17. what a bunch of dildos

  18. Jeremy is a right old fuckwit dickwad. Fuck me, I won’t add my own family on Facebook let alone some poor cunt who works for me. That said Taylor is probably one of those needy little Facesluts who measures their sense of self worth by the amount of virtual ‘friends’ they have…

    They just want to look at your tits Taylor, your are still worthless.

  19. Successful troll is successful.

  20. jesuschristanlsuperstar

    Don’t question the T1000.

  21. I wish your boss was a dildo, too, Curlybap. It would make for some quality entertainment.

  22. It could make for a pretty enjoyable (albeit sore) 8 hour workday.

  23. putting where you work on your FB profile = stupid
    having workmates on your FB friends list = even more stupid
    making comments about work when the above two things are true = you’re looking to get fired

  24. ^so is there a punchline coming soon or…?
    you’re not just going to state the blindly fucking obvious and just let it stand at that, are you? fuck, you’re boring.

  25. no, msanne. just making a point. i’ve been involved in unfair dismissal cases where employees have been terminated because of something they wrote on FB. a disturbing trend if you ask me.
    all you really need to do to give you some measure of protection is to make sure you never put your employer on your profile or mention them by name. that way even if your employer finds out about it, it’s hard to make that link between “you said something defamatory about us” and “everyone knows where you work by looking at your profile so they know who you’re talking about”.
    but people insist on filling in all those fields…
    seriously peeps, if you have your employment details on your FB, for the love of god, take it off. it ain’t worth the potential repercussions if you do slip up and say something stupid. just having that field blank makes it so much harder to hold up a termination action against you.
    you don’t have to be a horrible slag all the time, you know, msanne. the way you drool over every comment i make and feel the need to try and constantly be…um…’difficult’, shall we say…is a little pathetic, frankly.
    ok i lie. a LOT pathetic.

  26. you just type all that whiny self-evident bullshit, and I’m somehow the pathetic one? fuck off.
    do you really have such a high fucking opinion of your own joyless self that you think anyone will read that waste of fucking internet you blubbed out up there, and think “Gosh! I never considered that. Slug’s right.”
    No, dickhead. no one will – because people who are that stupid to begin with wont read that fucking boring block of bitch-ass text.

    THE END.

  27. Free legal advice though MsAnne. That’s unheard of. I’m sure we’ll have to pay for this somehow.

  28. there’s a free community legal centre around the corner from me – which is extremely fucking handy – but they deal in actual issues, not lame fæcebook fuckery.

  29. “waste of internet”…that’s pretty funny coming from you! and if you think I’M longwinded you’re in no position to offer legal advice, darling. your head would swim after the first writ!

  30. I don’t miss you.

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