Thursday, March 3, 2011

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  1. Bruce, I think it’s that thing your head keeps bumping into because you’re obviously too freakin dumb to be on Facebook.

  2. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    And yet the Legal Fund continues to grow.

  3. Bruce was funny. I’m a bit sad that there’s an app for finding sex offenders.

  4. zombieseatbrains

    mofo’s daughter is named tiffany?

  5. A family member is pedofile? We have an app for that!

  6. sprucay, sad because that means more people will be able to find you?

    Sorry, you left me no choice on that one.

    Taking bets on how old Bruce is. I’m going with early 60s.

  7. Lol looks to me like if tiffany is wrong and her dad finds out what she Wrote, shes gonna be one homeless little brat

  8. I can’t belive how stupid some people in this world are. I hate having conversations with stupid people, they don’t know what anything you say means, and then you have to explain to them what it does mean.

  9. I wish they saved these for Friday, these were good. I laughed to the point of being stared at, reading Bruce’s 🙂 I love old people, it reminds me of the deluded Grandma that got tagged in a picture and didn’t know what the hell was going on.

    Zombie and Vickaye you guys made me laugh even harder, I think I’m having a super good day!

  10. softl I think you’ve dethroned me as the stupid-person-hater. Where were you when I needed you a few days ago?

  11. The first one was epic, because 1) Wow that is fucked up and 2) Wow Natasha you are fucking stupid

  12. The first one with Tiffany and Natasha was neither funny nor lame. Am I missing something??

    There are various site and criminal history checks and dept of corrections. There IS an application to look up any sort of public record, especially public safety related info.

  13. Those people are very rude when they don’t answer to Bruce.

  14. Pretty sure Tiffany is estranged from her father. Makes the most sense.

  15. jr888 I was thinking the same. Someone help the poor old man out here!

    And who the hell asks the kid of question Tiffany did, on facebook?

    Katie, I hear you lovely. I hate my feet too. But mum’s right, I’d have said boobs.

  16. *kind

  17. doctorchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    I don’t understand what’s wrong with being a pedophile. Okay, so feet aren’t really my thing but if other dudes are into them that’s their concern and I certainly don’t see any need to ‘name and shame’ them.

  18. Tiffany is brain dead if she needs help finding that site. I can find one for every state in about 15 seconds. I think she knew this, she just wanted an excuse to post that. Like “look at me, I’m fucked up, my family has problems!” people love to think they are messed up and unique.

  19. im just waiting for mofo to get on and comment about tiffany

  20. I’m sorry saffer, I’ll be by you’r side next time 🙂
    P.S I’d like to tell you I’m amazed that EVERYONE on lamebook hates people that confuse you’r and you’re. Thank you for teaching me the difference between both of them. You’r simply amazing people;)

  21. @sotfl: There is no apostrophe in “your”. Just sayin’.

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