Monday, October 18, 2010

Read ’em and Weep

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  1. fuck.

  2. Pfft..I don’t get the first one.

  3. And Horlicks is nice

  4. Fuck you.

  5. Happy Birthday CUNT. Meh. It still looks like CLINT.

  6. All I know is that with #, I’m stopping him when he’s passing by.

  7. I agree, e. It’s a big stretch.

  8. L and I do equal U in some fonts, but maybe that only works in ink, not icing.
    An old Superman comic had a memorable example: a truck-driver “flicking” his lights.

  9. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Adam is Wallace.

  10. other than the word, the cake itself still looks retarded. i would not get this cake for anyone simply because it looks like a clown threw up and thats what came out.

  11. I’ve seen medical waste disposal bags in morgues that look more appetizing than that cake. I think I’d rather be part of a human centipede than have friends that would think i might possibly enjoy being given a pile of, to quote ‘candidcamera’, ‘clown puke’ for my birthday…

  12. @10- or a clowns penis threw up and that’s what came out.


  13. hahahahahaha…the cookie dick…fucking hilarious. “that’s definitely a dick” HAHAHAHA

  14. Anyone esle wanna stick their dick in that CLINT?

  15. why are the purple and green tape-worms crawling away from the iced words in pic#1?

    And anyone that thinks the male genitalia looks like the last picture is either a female virgin or a very unlucky bloke!

  16. Happy Birthday, Clint. Would you like to go duckbilling?

  17. @DukeGuy … you sir, have no imagination…

  18. Am I the only one who read the first one and thought,”That could be from anybody”?

  19. also, besides the shape, that cookie actually looks pretty yummy. Unlike the cake. But i do like cake…just not that one. to follow in Mr. Haiku and Loma’s footsteps,

    That cake looks nasty
    the cookie is much better
    please let me eat you.

    feel free to make any jokes about this comment that you can come up with.

  20. First one, I don’t understand either. It says Clint, not clit.
    The rest were alright. Am I being prudish when I say I’m beginning to grow weary of seeing penis jokes?

    I want to go in that van with heavily tinted windows. I just iscreams fun and safety, right?

  21. @keona the joke is that it looks like HAPPY BIRTHDAY CUNT. am i wallace? maybe.

  22. My initial impression of the first photo was that it was a cake for Bill Clinton. And that someone jizzed rainbow all over it.

  23. No, no, you’re not Wallace lol. I’m just being Frodo.

    @crazygnome, that male me lmaooomc
    (laugh my ass off out of my chair)

  24. WOW what a shittily decorated cake.

  25. count the candles… I take it cunt is 7.. so he thinks those colorful tapeworms are pretty yummy….

    and I’m from South Africa, we do not associate cock wit cookies here.. horlicks is kick ass tho!

    In South Africa that guy with the van woulda had a hard time to keep his van empty.. over here all vehicles larger than sedan is considered a taxi…

    and lastly… thats some pretty fine needle work? I’m pretty sure thats not a cookie… lewks like ovaries… vagina…err what was I talking about again? oh yes, the brown …vagina… erm as I was saying … KICK ASS WEBSITE!

  26. The Clint joke is too much of a stretch for me. The ‘l’ and the ‘i’ don’t even look vaguely like a ‘u’. Really infantile humour. lolz that word almost looks like cunt if you squint at it SO FUNNY I’M GONNA DIE LAUGHING

    Who does lamebook think their audience is? A bunch of teenagers?

  27. The chocolate chip cockie looks more like a tongue hanging out of a mouth, but that’s just me. It’s like a cloud – people will see different things.

  28. Funny today… but the first one definitely says “Clint,” not “Cunt.” I mean, really.

  29. I didn’t even get the first one till I read the comments. I guess my mind doesn’t spend enough time in the gutter?

  30. lol @ ksleeve… me neither. i kept looking back at it like wtf?!

  31. I love the taste of cock in my mouth. <3
    You know, rooster.

  32. *shakes hands with #25*

  33. The cock cookie looks more like a turd. Particularly since it appears to be on toilet paper.

  34. The cookie more reminded me of the anatomical chart of a uterus (with really short fallopian tubes, but still).

  35. so because if you are half blind or squint and try REALLY hard you *might* conceive of the cake inscription saying Cunt instead of Clint, it’s supposed to be funny? wtf? I’m going to start submitting lamebook entries to lamebook.

  36. What’s with all the negative feedback about the cake? It’s a cake.. you eat it. What does it matter what it looks like?

    It’s not for a fancy, stick up the bride’s butt wedding. It’s a birthday cake. You know fun, look at it, blow out the candles and then cut it up into tiny pieces.

    It’s obviously an ice cream cake, one you get from the freezer section, so it’s not like the machine that “decorated” it, really put that much effort into making it look nice.

    I think the lame part here is someone trying to be funny because they made a stretch on the name Clint.

  37. The cookie could have started out as a cock. Sometimes the shape doesn’t hold up too well during baking. No way it was meant to be a heart, though.

  38. I definitely want to get one onf those vans and let the world know it is the ice cream van

  39. Guess my mind does stay in the gutter, as I thought that said cunt straight away, didn’t know it was meant to say Clint until I saw the caption underneath. It was a glance and then I made up my mind, couldn’t see anything else. Happy birthday Cunt, hope it’s a good one.

  40. It took me forever to realize why the first one is supposedly funny.

    It still isn’t all that funny. Meh.

  41. noobs who didn’t get the first one are noobs.

  42. mmmm now i want some cock cookies

  43. I am going to carvel tomorro and telling them to write happy birthday cunt on it…and then I’m gonna bring it home and give it to my daughter..since she was especially cunt~ish today!!

  44. So, no one else noticed the “price squeeze” on the Cock?

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