Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Family Affairs

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  1. Wow, twice in one day.

  2. Oh, and Steve.

  3. vaginalroundhouse

    Having an affair with Steve Keyser_Soze?

  4. Hell no. And what’s a “vaginal roundhouse”, anyway?

  5. @Keyser_Soze: it’s a circle jerk for females (ba-boom, tish!)

  6. All the hot lamebook chicks always round up for one as soon as you logg off Keyser.

  7. I had a game like that with my sister. I put erect and she put penis..

  8. Where did she even play the word? There is no spot to put it.

  9. She can play “vaginas” so that the “s” is played to “jots”. “aa” is a word and so is “gi”.

  10. It can also be played on the “g” in goats..

  11. Double word score = 28 pts

  12. ^Just add an “e” to the end of “goats” and you have vaginalroundhouses favourite picture on the internet.

  13. @6 Ladyda: I knew it. Woe is me.

  14. @7 lahdeedah Oh. My. Goat.

  15. Naomi’s last name is Rogers I guess…since that’s her wifi name 😉

  16. @southerngirl That’s the name of a cell phone carrier in Canada, like Verizon.

  17. @Ladyda oh my goat indeed

  18. She should have played “SAVAGING.”

  19. I shall name my next party goat lahdeedah.

  20. Do it:)

  21. I was going to teach it to post on lamebook too but you’ve got that covered;)

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