Monday, July 11, 2011


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  1. shadowwhisperer

    Cant tell if troll or just really stupid

    First ?

  2. ^Troll and also stupid……..

  3. This is less funny if you’re not American and had to Google Redbox to understand the joke.

  4. I just noticed the ad for the iPhone game Buster’s Flight on the homepage. I downloaded it and it’s actually pretty awesome. Good job Lamebook.

  5. Why would you have to google redbox after olivia’s second comment makes it clear its a video dispensary machine, slam yourself oilersfan, this is good..


  7. I have seen a number of movie machines.

  8. I doubt she’d be able to get hired. Redbox is in tight with the Gnome Union. You know how they watch out for their own.

  9. I can see Olivia’s future already.

  10. Yeah come on oilersfan. In her second comment, Olivia clearly stated that it was a movie machien thing. How could she have been more clear?

  11. So wait, @oilersfan was trying to be negative for the sake of being negative, its people like you that make the internet a shit place.

  12. Or he was negative because it was just stupid… It *is* less funny if you’re not familiar with the concept of movie machien

  13. Sheesh people, can’t a person make a joke without having everyone jump on the band wagon and attack him for not knowing what a Redbox is? He was just saying that it would be funny if someone who wasn’t aware of what a RedBox really is, actually had to google it. Jeez guys, go get laid or something lol.

  14. I also had to google redbox…i didnt understand it either. “Movie Machine” doesnt really explain much to me. I got the concept that the girl was stupid to believe that you could be hired to work in one. But had no idea at all what a redbox was.

  15. Movie machine = camera?, TV?, VCR?, DVD player?, Person that watches too many movies?, Actor?, Peep show slot machine? I know I’m not funny… just trying to be an ass.

  16. @velocirrober….see “Movie Machine” could have meant any of those things!

  17. What clucks said!

  18. Olivia sounds like she should apply at Redtube instead.

  19. I should note that my previous comment was dripping with sarcasm

  20. ^ I don’t know why everyone insists on writing “machine”

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