Monday, October 18, 2010

It’s Gonna be a Winnin Week

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  1. hahaha…. these are pretty funny.

  2. Danny, that’s a fucking disturbing image.

  3. straight guys drink raspberry iced tea?

  4. I definitaly laughed at the first one 🙂

    And WTF Danny??

  5. Ice tea is usually drank by women.. also the reason Danny found a giant cock in his drink…


  6. @mattymc – That’s why I buy Snapple.

  7. Matty, I don’t know about ‘ice tea’ but ‘iced tea’ is excellent stuff. Yes Curly, I am straight and drink raspberry iced tea on occasion.

  8. Sorry gotta ask now!

    Why Mad2? cause it reminds you of blood?

  9. Chris, I was shocked about those, and disappointed when they didn’t slide down my throat. Though, when I choked, and they exploded with cream filling, that turned it into a win.

    Jake, that was a terrible joke. Nickelback is good, you SHOULD go stand atop a building. 🙂

    Danny, I’d hit it, eat it, AND drink it. 😉

  10. Bucket, no, blood tastes disgusting.
    Keona, are you trolling about Nickelback? Don’t make me go into a long rant about Nickelback’s position in music.

  11. Oh boys, don’t you know Danny can be short for Danielle… Lesbians drink iced tea too ya know…

  12. I’m suddenly glad I don’t drink tea, or I would be in search of a different drink for a while after that. However, I don’t drink coffee, milk, or sodas either, so I would be SOL.

  13. Pieces of vagina floating around in my drink is not a good image.

  14. Clitoris shaped ice cubes?

  15. @mad2 Trolling? I never troll. I was just stating my opinion. I don’t want to debate over it, because my rebuttal would be very simple and childish: I like the singer’s voice, the way the music sounds, and their lyrics. I realize their songs don’t have a lot of meaning like some do.

    @coldgit That’s…a strange image. Brings a new meaning to lickin’ the bean. I mean flickin’*
    (obvious joke was too obvious..damnit) I shall go stick my head in an oven for my atrocious joke.

  16. This however, is not an atrocious joke, bit rather a truth.
    I went to Sonic a bit ago for Raspberry Sweet tea.
    Their ice cubes and small and round shape, about the size of a clit.

    Fucking A, ice cube…I drank most before seeing the post and comments..and drank the remainder very slowly..while crying.

  17. Don’t worry keona, most guys wouldn’t have been able to find the ice cubes

  18. @mattymc…. wow, redneck much??!! yours is a highly retarded statement. also, drank is not a word and even without that it’s still a retarded statement.

    @mad2… thank you for making that other correction so i didn’t need to.

    @lauraltx…. amen!! it’s tequila and beer only for me too! :-p

  19. “Drank” is a word. It just wasn’t used correctly in that sentence.

  20. Drank is a word. it’s the past tense

  21. @18: Since when is ‘drank’ not a word? It is a past tense of drink. Perhaps you should be aware of your own lack of grammar skills before you jump someone else’s.

  22. Dean, be careful since posting such things on your FB may end up making you like the chilean mine itself – left all alone, no one working your shaft for quite some time.

  23. Oh, fucking hell, Grammar Nazis. Oh, and we’re calling people rednecks because of some minor errors, are we now?

    Fuck off. You want to see true rednecks, come talk to two pf my family members that do nothing but curse and say slavery should be brought back, and say racist remarks all the time, for no reason. All they do is just laugh at their own stupidity.

    @coldgit your comment about guys not being able to find it made me chuckle. 😀

    Sorry about the rant, but it’s a pet peeve of mine as I live in the southern US and we’re the main center for this stereotype.
    There ARE some rednecks here, but mattymc did not speak like one. Trust me.

  24. ah…i find it funny when someone tries to be a grammar nazi and fails. Honey, leave it to the professionals.

  25. of** Oh no, I’m going to be swooped down and devoured by shanfla now.

  26. And probably not in a good way

  27. @Keona, ahh you’re a Southerner. Explains the liking of Nickelback 😉

  28. Aren’t Nickelback Canadian?
    And “How you remind me” is a good song. The rest of their stuff is shit but I like that one. Especially the acoustic version.

  29. XD Thank you, thebza.

  30. #17 LOL!!!!

  31. Ew. Nickelback.

    That is all.

  32. You still get a hug, june. A nice, tight hug.

  33. One song, that’s all. And, June, go to google, can’t get into my email

  34. I heart Chris!

  35. Keona, hugs all around! Even for you, you silly ol’ Nickelback fan, you.

  36. How you Remind Me is Nickelback? Hm… I forgot that.
    Obviously, debates about musical taste are a waste of time. However, Nickelback plays pretty much ONE song. Every time we hear them, my wife and I say ‘they’re playing Nickelback’s song again,’ because they are so similar.
    However, I am quite amused by their lyrics.
    Now, for those who like such things, Disturbed would be a far superior choice.
    And nobody pointed out the fact that I was able to categorically state blood tastes disgusting? Gentlefolk of LB, I am disappointed.

  37. Danny must have meant vagina juice. It’s useful drizzled on canapes or on a moist cloth over the eyes to relieve tension.

  38. #36, what’s so amazing about that? Who hasn’t tasted blood at some point?

  39. i quite like the taste of blood. i’d recommend pavement anytime someone feels like listening to nickelback. they will restore your faith in the music industry,

  40. I, for one, welcome the Grammar Nazis to our forums

  41. Gramma nazis are welcome….IF they are right.

  42. lol, I think Jake is awesome for his comment..

    You guys are right about discussing musical tastes on here being pointless, but I have to say that it seems to me that no matter what your tastes are – nickelback sucks more than words can even describe..

    SO, what’s this talk about vagina juices and blood? Man, I love using that phrase “vagina juices”! My ex used to hate it when I said that.. hah

    P.S. Can anyone tell me how you are able to add a small pic on the side of your name?

  43. Valenya, here you go. If you dare… tits?

    I’m in a helpful mood.

  44. LOL Thanks word!

    Hmmm, Maybe down the line someone on here that is bashing me will convince me to show everyone my tits. Though I’ll be honest it takes a lot more than what you all said to MEG to get my confidence down!

    You all might as well start now 😉

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