Thursday, November 18, 2010

Closed Captions

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  1. Ben, or whatnot

  2. Victoria’s boyfriend = slick.

  3. That conversation with Brittany could go on forever, and she still would have NFC what happened. Her comprehension are amazing, not to mention her worldly knowledge. And Victoria, the truth hurts.

  4. I’m confused. Wear did she lose the baby? Maybe she should retrace her steps.

  5. Is that Victoria’s full name? I suppose some censorship may be missing.

    So, how many mouths are you? And wear are they?

  6. LoL’d at Valid.

    Also she is just fat in the picture, at 2 months you do not show that much.

  7. At 2 months you don’t show AT ALL…unless maybe it’s a walrus in there.

  8. But maybe she was fat before..

  9. Brittany is a fat lying fuckpig…she didn’t lose the baby she fucking ate it.

  10. I absolutely agree Scuzz (if I may call you that), I’ve never known anyone showing that much at 2 months. Also you’d be saying however many weeks not months. Even so … Brittany’s so fucking dumb!

    Sherri FTW 🙂

  11. She lost it in the Connecticut River Brittany, you fucking dumbass.

    And while she was in there she got an infection, which is why her thighs are the size of tree trunks.

    Sherri – stay classy, lol.

  12. Brittany is a fucking horrible person.

    And Sherry is probably just chubby. Which makes Brittany even more of a dick.

  13. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    boomstick Sherri is not chubby, that’s just all the wins she carries around under her dress to dispense to her idiot friends who don’t understand a guy never does nice things for no reason at all.

  14. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Oh my bad, you mean SherrY, yeah she is totally fat and Brittany is just using some weird form of Socratic irony to torture her.

  15. oh my god, brittany makes me want to punch someone, seriously. how can a person be that much of an idiot?

  16. Victoria’s whole name is posted under her necklace picture…Lamebook fail 🙂

  17. Brittany isn’t just stupid, she’s cruel. If I were Sherry I would’ve removed her as a friend based on half that conversation.

    I showed a lot at two months with one of my kids. A LOT. Then around six months I suddenly stayed the same size for like 6 weeks.

  18. Holy shit, look at that last name. That must have taken her until at least 5th grade to learn how to spell….

  19. lamebook, you failed.

    victoria’s last name is not crossed out in the “in this photo” tag.

  20. 😐

  21. It’s nice… but is it “anal” nice?


    It is not.

  22. Haha, I knew someone would use ‘valid dicktorian’ as a username!

    Either Brittany is a complete idiot or she was messing with Sherry in a very sadistic way. I have to give Sherry points for her patience.

  23. Jonathan looks happy just to be touching a real girl, even she’s a fat infertile one. (Or especially if.)

    @21 Agreed.

    Victoria has an entire album called “Date nights.” Maybe the gift was so she’d stop taking pictures every damn time they went out.

    (Does Sherri suck for making a joke or revealing a secret? I like to think she actually sucks.)

  24. the convo with brittany had me laughing from the start.

    caption: me and jonathan

    brittany: “who is this guy?”

    Sherry: “jonathan”

    and you know from there it can only get more stupid. i enjoyed every second i spent reading it. kinda like a dummies version of who’s on first.

    i don’t think sherri sucks. i think victoria sucks for getting offended.

  25. Sherry is a disgusting fat bitch who doesn’t desedrve a baby anyway. I want to puke just looking at her. All fat people should be fucking shot. They’re a disgrace to society!

  26. Holy fuck pols, calm yourself.

  27. Sherry is the dumbass, Brittany is clearly using reverse psychology. It’s hypnotic effect is amplified on someone as dense as Sherry Baby.

  28. I like the way Sherri thinks.
    Also WTF? Sherry was only 2 months in that picture? Is she sure her overactive digestion didn’t just fucking absorb the kid directly?

  29. Oh and Fletch, I like to think Sherri sucks because she revealed a secret that she observed first-hand while having a 3some with the happy ‘date night’ couple.

  30. This is why I don’t have any friends named Sherri. First, people try to drink up her juices, then, she intoxicates herself, and starts spouting out drivel.

  31. So sorry curlybap. I had a bad day, got really angry, and started spewing hate speech to everyone I saw. My bad.

  32. you lost the baby?! So where did you lose that baby at we need to find it right away! you say you miscarried? yes, I know that, had you carried correctly the child couldn’t have gotten lost, now you say it’s dead? what did it die from? Yes, I’m aware that you’ve lost your baby, I think we should go find it. Who’s on first base? Hoo is on first base? Yes, who’s on first base….

  33. what are you guys talking about, nobody shows at two months?? I started to show like, three hours in.

  34. You’re lying, justie. I know from experience that a baby DOES NOT show after a few hours, even if you go looking for it with a knife.

  35. Wow, mad2. That makes sense.

    But that probably means Sherri’s bitchy comment is because she did more than just anal and didn’t receive any jewelry at all. How unfair.

  36. @Keona lmao I would have to agree. I’ve had two friends name Sherry/Sherri/wtfever and they both were total BITCHES. :/

    Brittany = good troll. Sherry = retard

    Sherri is slick but was advertising to the single friends reading that post.

    Most people do not show until at least 4-5 months in, especially with a first child (not implying that would have been her first but, just sayin’). I saw photos of my mom’s wedding to her first husband for the first time just a few years ago… she was skinny as hell and 6 months preggers with my oldest brother and I couldn’t tell. o.O I myself didn’t show until about 6 months but I’m also a big girl so…. *hides from pols’ shotgun WTF*

  37. Loved both of these. Sherry is just fat, she should have gotten the “oh I thought you were pregnant now” remark right off. Poor girl is living in denial. Sux that she lost the baby though.
    Sherri=hilarious. Loved it.

  38. Shelley, no need to hide. My post was full of angry sarcasm. I was making a point.

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