Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Jillz got Skillz

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  1. Jillz?!

  2. Is Jillz like Grillz and Jizz? Because those are the two things brought to mu mind when I read that name.

  3. *my
    freaking balls.

  4. What’s going through your head there, Jillz?

    “It would seem as though nobody wants to be my girl. How can I make them—oh, I’ve got it. Save the orphans…? Any takers now? All I want is some head with some vagina on the side…maybe I should let them know so they’re aware of my motivation here. But do I want vagina as the main dish, or as the side? It’s a bit more expensive as the main dish, and would any girl be willing to serve me TWO main dishes? That’s just insane! I guess I’ll start with it as the side dish and go from there.”

  5. I wud todally be wid u Jillz! U readdy fo a gurl that ain’t shit? Well here i is baby! I tell you y i want u, you is readdy fo sumthin mo serius, u gots yoself a blackburry, and you is readdy to commits to da orphins. I gots 3 kids dat needs a daddy, ain’t got no phone, and i would love me to git married!
    Calllll me babbeeeeeee!!!!!

  6. I lol’d at “Can You Get Anymore Blatant”

  7. She’s named “Jillz” because she’s got multiple personalities. And they are all retarded lesbians, apparently.

  8. Save the orphans. Anyone want to be my ‘gurl’ now?

  9. I digg dis post, uu kno dis. Save the orphans. Look, I’m being nice now, Tanya. Please give me some head with a side of vagina. Easy on the mayo.

  10. I don’t get what’s lame about this, jillz clearly has mad game. u kno dis now wat side yall on shit or ain’t shit?

  11. Man, Jillz was so nice putting in 38 minutes of his time to save the orphans, and he still ain’t get sum head from Tanya? She a tease.

  12. Yoga might help your flexibility Jillz. If you could just shove your own head into your own vagina you might not have to make yourself look like the most desperately pathetic lesbian on Facebook.

  13. @2
    Then the name was a success.

  14. Save the orphans. For fucking.

    I want a girl who is shit. Golem-like.

  15. Wait. Now I want an actual head with a vagina on the side. Can this be engineered? I wouldn’t even care if the top of the head was flat. I would simply like having options.

    Put a non-shitting anus on the back and it is perfection achieved.

  16. Fletch, I have heard of something that exists that is very close to what you’re describing. I’ll copy a URL here and you can read up on it.

  17. Save da whales. Club a seal. Bitches now gib me da head entree wid a side of vag an cheez, wid wing sauzz.

  18. Lmao! I’m confused is jillz a guy?? Girl?? Wtf is wrong with its mother?? This has 2 be the worst name I’ve heard thus far….

  19. Is Jillz really Julian trying to be cool? Gah, for some reason the name annoys the crap outta me. James? Jimmy?

  20. Dear Everybody,

    I would like to announce that I, Uber-Username-Man, am a big cocksucker.

    I mean this in three (3) different, but related ways.

    First, I am BIG.
    Second, I suck BIG cocks.
    Third, I suck lots of BIG cocks.

    I would greatly appreciate if you could all, from now on, please refer to me as Big Cocksucker.

    Big Cocksucker.

  21. Dear Big Cocksucker

    Due to my mother’s penchant for booze and LSD, I was born with 8 huge penises. Very few people have been accepting of my affliction. But based on your triple wangular philosophy, I think we might just have a future together. Please contact me on AFF. My name is Ochocock.


  22. is jillz a girl?

    it must be fun to have a vagina on the side, imagine all the different positions you could do without hurting yourself like you normally would.

    Jonjones, take notes, you have some fierce competition out there

  23. Shanna says “lmao I guess” … doesn’t sound so sure does she. You either “lmao” or you don’t! Yu kno dis.

  24. FuckFuckFuckFuckFuckFuckFuckFuckFuckFuckFuckFuckFuckFuckFuckFuckFuckFuckFucking fucktard.


  25. Haha! Excellent, Walter. I’ll have to buy one of those.

    Mayba Shanna was saying, “I’m laughing out loud at your simplistic audacity. And since you made me laugh, I guess I will fulfill your need for sex. I hope you like things NSA.”

  26. His name’s actually Joshua.
    He was super easy to find on fb, and someone refers to him as Joshua…
    Don’t blame his parents (although I’m sure they deserve it), ‘Jillz’ is the retard here.

  27. what an absolute prick, does he really think he will land a chick, well there are enough dumb asses on FB judging by Lamebook’s content.

  28. Jillz Skillz seem to mainly consist of being a complete fuckwitted retarded cunt with a penchant for wanking himself off slowly into a sock whilst thinking of girls he has electronically contacted.

  29. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    We welcome you into our circle Mr. Fat Enthusiastic Numerous Large Cocksucker.

    Wallace version: See when you said Big cocksucker you meant it in four ways not three because you forgot to say that you are big into cocksucking.

  30. I found Jillz on facebook..his last name is O. He looks like a retarded velociraptor throwing up a gang sign.

  31. What the fucking hell kind of name is ‘Jillz,’ especially for a male? Black naming (you can tell he’s black despite the fuzzing of his picture) has gone to a new low.

  32. @ rubberguarder – He really does! Look like that!

    That dude updates his status. A lot. Gotta love his biography: “IM JILLZ WAT ELSE IS DER”

    Probably not a lot more, no.

  33. Love his favorite quotations such as “IS U DEAD” “IS U BLOOD” “WAT CRACCIN” “U KNO DAT ILLEGAL” “WAT UP” and “WAT DA BITNIRRR IRRRR.?”
    Those are Churchill quotes right?

  34. Apparently he’s 22-23 yrs old

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