Wednesday, August 10, 2011


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  1. Brandon made me lol.

  2. All of these are actually goooooooood…

  3. Ha ha…. Joey! Well done. The dodgy spelling makes it even better somehow.

  4. Oh yeah, Mandie, ’cause you know Michael Phelps is a major pothead and all, since he smoked it at least one time that we know of.

    Fucking retard.

  5. hootie the blowfish

    Yeah I love that. To people who have never smoked weed, the world can be divided as such: People who never, ever do it once; and drug addicts.

    Also, what’s P-90X?

  6. P-90X is a workout routine that’s fairly immersive and works on the (bullshit) principle of ‘muscle confusion’, yet still yields results because you’re spending 90 minutes a day exercising and sticking to a strict diet.

    Yeah the Phelps one was ridiculous. Everyone knows that you can’t smoke underwater.

  7. My three things would be: a helicopter, a pilot, and enough gas to reach the mainland. Seems less risky than trying to ride Michael Phelps like Flipper.

  8. Jason has 57 people liking his status which means he is most likely one of those people that has like 826 friends and actually know 50 of them in real life. Maybe he should get rid of his account and start a fucking life.

  9. I would bring:

    1. A chest full of Mayan gold.
    2. A volleyball.
    3. Mrs. Lovey Howell

  10. The scale one is an extremely old joke (I’m talking at least a decade) that I have seen many places before.

  11. Wow, throwingtofu, you took the Phelps thing pretty personal….

  12. Joey is right

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