Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Golden Gate Fail

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  1. I was about to complain that the water in the Whitewater River near my house isn’t white either.

  2. Fakey fakey

  3. fucking dope.
    it’s only the gates that are golden. duh.

  4. Martha sure is one big faiLady

  5. Painful

  6. New York is old. West Virginia is on the east coast and north of Virginia. This is why they are fake.

  7. It’s nice to see a father and daughter being affectionate. There’s not enough affection in the world these days. Hold her real tight buddy, and don’t ever let go. And maybe just move your right hand a bit higher – but only if she doesn’t resist. That’s nice, there you go.

  8. …and then Tom jumped off the “Golden Gates Bridge.”

  9. @3. There’s just one gate.

  10. ^ And it’s grey.

  11. I thought the bridge was supposed to be blue!!!

    Damnit, we’re still not home.

  12. I’ve been there. Only once though

  13. Good call Tom, though I feel that if more time passed before it was sent in, the thread might have been even more interesting.

  14. ^ Egad! You don’t think Tom submitted this, do you!?
    There are so many stupid people in this country, that sometimes I get a little sad and wonder how long until we’re as dumb as Canadians.

  15. FAIL, but then again, shouldn’t the ones who named the bridge be the failures?

  16. Oh simmer down nails, I am obviously aware of the small chance that it was actually Tom who submitted or the likely hood that he will read my comment. I can still compliment him can I not? Or is there some code to doing without actually using his name?

  17. On your second point u arrogant fuck (assuming your American, though I will not remove my comment regardless), your comment is a lovely little insight into your own intelligence levels. Thought I must confess it can be tough leaving my igloo to dogsled over to the library to educate myself, I wonder what good excuse half of your nation has

  18. Yay lack of medication! Holy balls. Go gurgle some diarrhea, fuck your face and go troll somewhere else, nigga. I come here for funny comments, not to hear dipshits like you try to defend themselves. What has happened to this site?

  19. I will only comeback to YOUR unfunny comment with the note that drugs are not the solution. Also, if ever offered drugs always accept them and say thank you, because they are expensive.

  20. Yay for free drugs!

  21. hey spuds? you upset buddy? well. you’ve come to right place.

  22. I just want someone to hold me

  23. huh. I just want to spang you in the face with the frozen intestines of a minke whale.

    maybe we can work something out? I know! I’ll spang you in the face – and you shut the fuck up.


  24. We could try that. However if plan a doesn’t work then we may want to look at plan b. me getting so hammered that i might find you remotely attractive, leading to you getting your first piece of action this millennium and thus no longer subjecting us to the miserable blabbering of your decrepit untouched cunt.

  25. not a chance. you’re a fucking tool.

  26. Clever, and also revealing. I now understand you, allow me to paint a picture. You are about five foot six, 65 pounds over weight, short dark spiky hair, your favorite outfit consists of a leather bracelet, a black tank top and slightly ripped up jeans. Your girlfriends name is Wanda, and you two have been happy hating men together for the past 12 years. You first decided to become a lesbian man hater after your grade seven crush Ricky wanted to go “seven minutes in heaven” with u in a closet at a birthday party. You discovered three minutes into it that it was not Ricky but frank, the overweight nerd in your class, you were making out with when Ricky opened the door on you and the entire class proceeded to victimize you for the next two months until you switched schools.
    Did I get the names right?

  27. ^slug?

  28. ? Is that another account name? This is my first account.

  29. Can you please finish your Bridge story? You just left us hanging, not cool man.

  30. I’m pretty sure slug did leave us (by) hanging.
    and how’s your noose-tying skills, mr. potato head? have you got a long enough rope to get over that fat head of yours?
    if you need someone to kick the chair out from under you, give me a holla. and I’ll laugh and point and call you a sad, friendless fat fuck.

    you’re welcome, asshole.

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