Wednesday, December 8, 2010


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  1. REVETS!

  2. Wow, it took me a while to realize that Liz wasn’t actually talking about a penis or getting plowed.

  3. 10 inches would be soooo painful.

    10 inches of snow… lol.

  4. Haha missbaker, me too! I had to re-read it before I realized that she’s referring to the snow 🙂

  5. I’m from Canada and have snow right now, and I had to read it twice to figure out it was about snow. LOL.

  6. I realised that she was talking about snow the first time I read it, I guess my mind isn’t completely in the gutter yet :p
    She’s b*tching over 10″ of snow?!? Shit, that’s nothing compared to the amount that Montreal has gotten from Monday’s storm.

  7. Liz is exaggarating, 25 cm dicks don’t actually exist.

    And ‘flys’, what’s that?

  8. 10 inches sounds nice. Liz, be careful with all that plowing. Remember: You’ll reap what he sows.

    Oh..wait..talking about snow. Fuck, I can’t make a snow joke. Or a joke about Janelle.

  9. Ooooh…Yeah, didn’t get the first one until the comments. From San Diego, we can’t even really manage 25 inches of rain, let alone snow. But I get it now. No worries guys.

  10. These are hilarious!! 🙂

    10 inches would be LOVELY…on both aspects.

  11. I often wake up at about 2am to plough whoever is next to me. They often don’t wake…but that’s what five doses of Nytol in the bedtime cocoa will do to you i guess.

    Janelle loves it when her dog sniffs her crinkly cellar…it’s because the smell of rotten offal reminds it of dog food, Janelle.

  12. Why the hell didn’t he just wait until morning?
    Morning sex is good too…
    But not with pepper.

  13. ohhh, ten inches would not be lovely in at least one of those aspects! no, gracias!

    in other news, the plural of “penis” is not only “penises,” but “penes” as well. i like the latter best.

  14. Neither of your plurals are correct, actually… The plural of penis is actually “penii”

  15. No it’s not! Please stop trying to sound intelligent, when you’re obviously not.
    By the way, only latin nouns ending in -us take the -i ending in plural. -is becomes -es in the plural.

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