Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Give ‘Em A Hand!

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  1. Protecting identity FAIL

  2. 😀 😀 I think Barbra Streishand just got me out of handwork for a couple of weeks 🙁

  3. Fuck you. Fuck all of you. First of all ‘with his right hand’? FUCK YOU. THAT IS NOT FUCKING FUNNY, YOU STUPID UNORIGINAL CRETIN.

    Second, puns are shit at the best of times. This is not the best of times. This isn’t even the worst of times, it’s far below that. Seriously, ‘Serah Jessica Hander’? Fuck you, Michael. Fuck you.

    Third, I think you irritating cunthumps just set a record for the longest, most painfully dull dragging out of a joke that wasn’t even funny SEVENTY YEARS BEFORE YOU FUCKING MADE IT, YOU… FUCKING… FUCKS. FUCK. I HATE YOU.

  4. BritishHobo needs a little quality time with his hand. Otherwise he’s going to get a heart attack or a vein will explode in his head. That’s not healthy.

    I would give him a helping hand, but i’m not in Britain 🙁

  5. Not only is this about the 18,000th time we’ve had what adds up to the exact same post, but this one takes it one step boringer by being so long.

    Could we at least get some original material?

  6. It wasn’t funny until Kevin said “Kyle masturbates.” Then I lol’d out loud.

  7. @hobo Don’t sugarcoat it. Tell us how you really feel.

  8. I’m peeved.

  9. Dear BritishHobo,
    I find your rage strangely attractive. Keep it up.
    Miss Shegas

  10. anybody else reading Hobos rant with a British accent? lol. do it again, Hobo 🙂

  11. @British Hobo: I’m guessing your favorite comic strip is Handy Capp.

  12. Booooooooooooooooooooring.

  13. ecause they had and identity safety fail, I serached up one, looked at her friends, and found kyle. LOL. i’m a ninja stalker… o____o

  14. What a pile of piss. @Miss Shegas – I get you.

  15. i thought it was funny, but agree with christopherlovet, “kyle masturbates” was the funniest part! lol! Lindsey didn’t get it though…

  16. Imagine being the poor guy’s new girlfriend… AWFUL

  17. ^^^ Nah, I’m pretty sure his hand won’t care.

  18. Normally I don’t like these but i liked this one. All the extra comments helped.

  19. I hate Michael!

  20. I actually like puns so I enjoyed this. Michael’s is stupid though I don’t he understands how puns work. Lamebook was pretty sloppy with the identity protection in this post!

  21. @Saffer

    I actually read it in Simon Cowell’s voice. Even better.

  22. Hobo Cleese.

  23. fuck you hobo, planned or not, that shit was FUNNY!! in fact, fuck it, ill go so far as to say i bet you cant post your own that comes close to matching that

  24. No puns allowed, I think is the point. Britishobo does not like puns.

  25. I hate puns too. This one was about 30 responses too long.

  26. I like puns, when they are well made and few. I HATE facebook pun status comments.

  27. Weird how it took so long for John Hand-cock to get thrown out there~

  28. I found them too. It’s sick that people have 400 ‘friends’ ..

  29. When puns are cleverly done, they’re great. These aren’t even the tiniest bit clever.

    Why would you look for this bunch of wankers?

  30. Kyle isn’t responding because he’s well aware that these are fucking horrible.

    Hurr dur, he’s too busy masturbating.

    In actuality, he fucking hates all of you. Too bad you’re all too idiotic to see that.

  31. I usually love puns…but I can’t even bring myself to crack a smile it this one. It was just bad.

  32. I’m amazed at how irate some people seem about this particular post. Lighten up. Have a giggle. Life is far too short to be throwing tantrums over total silliness…

  33. I love puns. This was a triple orgasm kinda pun. Nah, not even remotely close but enjoyable nonetheless.

  34. “Kevin: Masturbation, I think is the point. Kyle masturbates.”

    It should’ve been over long before that, but, surely, THAT should have been the end. I feel bad for the LB editors who have to scribble out all those names… was it worth the lame?

    Pretty much agreed with Hobo.

  35. Kyle has a bunch of intensely unfunny cunts for mates, that said, given a pair of real mans’ testicles he could have ended the drivel with a quick, well delivered line…

    When I’m wanking I try to imagine all of you in front of me, on your knees pleading me to coat you in my medication riddled spunk.

    (When I lasted posted this on Facefuck, you’d be surprised how many friends left me…wheat and chaff, wheat and chaff)

  36. Wow, some of you need to relax a bit. If posts on here make you that mad stay the fuck away. Hobo, are you negative like this about EVERYTHING?

    Don’t fucking read it if you don’t find it funny.

    And Imamofo, your little well delivered line was worse than these puns. You just managed to make yourself look like a tool. Congrats.

    Seriously, this was a guys friends having a little fun with him…so all of you have never played a joke on a friend? If you have, than by your logic you are an unfunny cunt.

  37. @wick220 – Don’t fucking read it if you don’t find it funny.

    wheat and chaff, wheat and chaff.

  38. @wick220 – Oh and yeah!

    I have played a joke on a friend before.. he never forgave me but his mum and little sister had a good time.

    so nuh.

  39. Handy Dick

  40. Miss Michigan

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