Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ben Winnin’

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  1. STEVER!


  3. calling this a win is a fail.

    i motion to retitle this “ben failin'”

  4. Ben is a misogynistic pig, the best way to open a womans legs is not by spending your hard earned cash.

    The best way to open a womans legs is with five mates, two bottles of rohypnol, a good length of sturdy rope and two pairs of handcuffs. Obviously.

  5. haha. Great comment, Imamofo.

  6. @mattymc, quit spamming the comments with that shit site, you fuckwit. You invite only ire this way.

  7. Most epic win for Ben

  8. MattyMc, we know you’re a mofo. Unless imamofo doesn’t mean “I am a mother f_cker,” but it doesn’t matter because it’s true. Listen to Miss Shegas.

  9. I agree with you, ijkl0marissa, but I’m pretty sure he only said “Imamofo” because he was referring to the comment made by the person named “Imamofo.”

  10. cheese begins/

    …and while we’re on the topic of Imamofo, I’d like to take a momment to say: Ima- you’ve become one of my favourite commenters. I heart you!
    Rather, I heart your comments, cos for all I know you could be a 120 stone wanna be biker dude with hannah montana bed covers.

    your virtual fan,

    / end of cheesy comment

  11. Whatever happened to Ben, did I miss something?

  12. well if we all are taking a momment to appericate Imamofo then I have to say:
    just by your comments, i would drop to my knees faster than you could drop your pants….bow chicka wow wow
    ahahaha no no i’m kidding but i’m sure thats what Saffer was trying to say with all that beating around the bush.

  13. There’s a lot of loving around today. Hobo and Mofo love. Orgy?

  14. I will never understand the sycophantic worship that goes on of another commenter just because they’re funny…lame.

  15. I’m sorry mofo, I didn’t see your comment.

  16. That sounds like a smart way to save money, I’ll spend 500 dollars on some electronic wallet that will physically resist me when I spend too much until I beat it into submission. Haven’t heard a great idea like that since the shake weight.

  17. Speaking of beating into submission- why waste money on rohypnol when you have five guys there imamofo? Don’t tell me you’ve turned into a soft gentleman now?

  18. Ha, ha. It’s funny because it is true

  19. So is mofo actually a common abbreviation for motherfucker? Shouldn’t it be mofu?

  20. Sure, I’ll say my piece of Imamofo. I would give you the best reach around, with a bit of ball fondles. Maybe some cheek squeezes.

  21. Oh, and Ben made me lol, but that’s it. Just a lol and smh.

  22. Keona, don’t make it too easy for him. I’m sure he likes his women to play hard to get 😉

  23. @curly instead of a reach around, perhaps a run around?

  24. Awww you guys! You’ve all left my fourth wall in tatters you little cockteasers!

    Mattymc – Thanks, Cunt!
    Saffer – i DO have a Hannah Montana bed set. I use her face as my third best cum sponge.
    jo101 – If I could get you to suck me off just by typing shit, imagine what i could achieve with a tazer!
    mb – I hear yah, but your cool, aloof ambivalence would make your tongue in my ringer feel all the more pleasurable.
    jonjones – The rohypnol is to keep her unconscious and quiet, that way we don’t have to gag her and can still use her mouth.
    Keona – The problem with reach arounds’ is that you’re aiming the spunk bomb into thin air, i prefer a target, preferably a squirming one.
    Curlybap – You’re mistaken, whilst i can appreciate the thrill of the chase, I would rather have a handy receptacle for my love custard to hand at all times…

  25. Meh for the post, but damn, I missed you guys…
    I wasn’t getting my dose of hard verbal rape and virtual cum

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