Wednesday, December 8, 2010


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  1. beat you to it stever! 🙂

  2. and this is South Africa, I recognise that tree in the background 😉

  3. That is HISterical!

  4. You know, I’d actually go check out your stupid fucking web site mattymc, if you didn’t spam it in the comments. In the meantime, go fuck yourself.

  5. First off – Fuck off mattymc and take your pathetic dog-turd excuse of a website with you, failure to do so will result in a very ironic punishment.

    2nd – Black people covered in white paint, well stick a feather up my arse and call me a duster if that shit aint funny. Clue:- It’s not.

    3rd – Is after 2nd and before 4th.

  6. You recognize the tree… WINK? Did you two go on a date?

  7. This reminds me of an amusing incident that happened to me a few years ago involving a gang of bukkake bastards, a family on their holidays and a missing whore.

  8. lilblackcurlyhair

    @Imamofo epic comment win 😀

  9. I don’t think this is funny because it’s black people and white paint, I think it’s funny because a bunch of people get covered in paint. I didn’t even notice those people were black.

  10. They look white to me.

  11. I love it! If I saw this by the side of the road, I’d point, laugh, and take pictures, for sure. They’ve got one hell of a paint-stripping job ahead of them.

  12. Oh white people.

    Ssee, that’s why you transport that sort of thing on the floorboards.

  13. Agreed. Imamofo for the win.

  14. Honestly Paranoid, I don’t think people people consider this funny on some sort of racial level, with the exception of mattymc (who, by the way, can kiss all five acres of my ass for his post and stick his tiresome website plugs up his own). It’s funny because those poor people are completely covered, not to mention completely screwed in regard to any sort of timely completion of the post-accident to-do list. It never occurred to me to consider what color they were under the paint.

    And just toss about a random and pointless observation, one would think that the inside of the car would be more…involved, especially considering the amazing degree of occupant coverage.

  15. Epic accident.

  16. Group of people: You racists…it’s because we’re white, isn’t it- er…black..fuck.

    I didn’t notice the colour of their skin either, I just noticed, “hey, a bunch of people covered in paint.”

    I think this is the visual definition of a cum dumpster…no?

  17. Ok, first of all these people are white. Secondly I had to double check that fact because I didn’t notice what colour their skin was at first glance. Paranoid Android is a very appropriate name for you. Perhaps you should consider pathetic as a middle name?

  18. The driver of the other vehicle was a black man and I received a couple more of these pics via e-mail (as I am a South African), so I can def confirm. 🙂

  19. Hahaha, oh that poor car. That was actually funny. If only there had been more colors it would have been a spectacular rainbow.

  20. Woah, hold your horses everyone, not suggesting there is a racial element to it, just that people getting covered in paint is not my idea of hilarious. If they had been Asian/Hispanic/redneck, I would have described them as thus.

    Fuck my boots.

  21. Fucking awesome post!

    I didn’t notice the race of anyone covered in paint… frankly I couldn’t give a fuck.

    Just goddamnit… picturing that event… fucking epic! <3

  22. windowsneedwashing

    Don’t worry guys. They’re allwhite now.

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