Tuesday, December 7, 2010

REIDing and Writing

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  1. I would fuck Travis with a rake, confirmed.

  2. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    If you loved our Grammar Nazis then you are going to love our new invention, say hello to our Grammar douches.

  3. Grammar Nazi’s are awesome. I can’t wait for the Grammar Holocaust!

  4. slicingupeyeballs

    XS, that should be ‘Nazis’.

  5. Irony!

  6. Travis is a complete douchebag.
    Sure Reid’s english is not prefect, but it’s not like his (her?) English is is that bad. Its not like he’s like typing in a “if u wantz to no footbol.. the patriots r putting on a sermin bouts domination” way.
    Travis actually does need to get a life.

  7. I think you mean *perfect* kinga.

  8. True, i did. 🙂
    A typing mistake is not a lack of understanding of english though.

  9. I’d like to add that Travis is a douche because OMG isn’t an abbreviation either, it is actually an acronym, he thought he was so cool.


  11. yeah, wikishitia sucks. I like this source for explanation of different types of abbreviations.


    Isn’t OMG or O.M.G. an initialism?

  12. In Australia, OMG would be fine without the full stops. 😛 Life is easier with fewer punctuation marks!

    I don’t get why people continually correct other people’s grammar and spelling on Facebook. What’s the ultimate goal they achieve from it?


  14. @TheCaffeinator
    They get an unwarranted feeling of superiority out of it, like when a big kid pushes a toddler off the slide in a playground.

  15. I thought it was a joke. He seemed to be intentionally annoying, as if he knew his comment about seminar was going to be met with a “whatever” response. I like soup Nazis, just not grammar Nazis…

  16. Not just Australia, Caffeinator, I think the English language has gotten rid of the use of full stops in certain cases: like it used to be “P.O. Box” now it’s “P O Box”… anyway, not that I care. I’m bored halfway to death on this topic, I’m just waiting for a nerd to pop up on my screen and do me in.

    Travis probably only speaks one language fluently, cannot divide by 7, and doesn’t know the difference between violet and purple, yet he thinks he’s the shit! Yeah Travis, you winner you. Nothing else matters as much as grammar.

  17. And the difference between violet and purple matters more?

  18. No it doesn’t that’s the point. He’s being a know-it-all yet his nitpicking is selectively (and annoyingly so) only on grammar.

  19. LOL! I thought it was funny….. I am pretty sure he was doing the same….. I actually laughed pretty hard with this one….

  20. Surprised Travis didn’t have anything to say about “right Now”.

  21. Travis does need to get a life.

  22. Travis pissed me off so much I wanted to drop-kick my computer monitor but he sort of redeemed himself in the end there. He does indeed need to get a life, though. How fucking annoying! o.O

    Also, Reid writes much better than some people who get pointed out on their spelling/grammar mistakes. But I resent his pro-Patriots standing. Blegh!

  23. Travis didn’t piss me off. 🙂 As a matter of fact, I have done that to someone – and would absolutely do it again. Muhuhahahahaaa. 😀 lol. Let’s be real here: friends tease each other all the time. If Reid can’t handle some banter, then he probably deserves to be pissed off. And if they’re not actually friends, then it’s Reid’s fault anyway for adding Travis, because Reid obviously didn’t know him well enough to know that he wouldn’t be gentle and careful not to hurt Reid’s ‘sensitive feelings’. lol. And more so, I find it RIDICULOUSLY hilarious that people have gotten such a wild hair up their asses about Travis and are insulting him – just proves there are more people out there who can’t take a joke. I wonder what is worse: having someone tease you, or lacking a sense of humor. 😉

  24. Hahaha this made me laugh. Nice start to another shitty day at the office!

  25. I thought Travis was funny, too. Yes, he was being a pedantic dick. That’s good fun. I still completely agree with what Saffer wrote. Travis has his one area of dickery and that’s all he’s good for. Never fuck a grammar Nazi; just tease him with boobs while they write your papers.

    If I corrected all the spelling mistakes I saw on Facebook, I’d do nothing but correct spelling mistakes, and who really gives a shit? Much more fun to make horrible replies based on content. “Hey, niece, I’d still like to fuck your friends.” Etc.

    Hell, even that gets old. Now I just post pictures of outer space.

  26. Yes Travis, I can tell that you assume that you are quick, witty and intelligently humorous, have you ever considered appearing in the guest spot on Countdowns’ dictionary corner?

    Now bend over whilst i arse fuck you with this broken spade you pedantic fuckwit.

  27. I, too, am a self confessed grammar Nazi and frequently wind up the illiterate. Don’t fucking like it? Then learn how to use correct punctuation/spelling/grammar you dense cuntnuts and that “I’m dyslexic” bollocks doesn’t wash either.

    I seriously need a joint/a drink/to get laid (preferably at the same time).

  28. @roxanne – how is this “banter” or “teasing”? This is Travis CORRECTING Reid, not making jokes or having an intelligent conversation. Reid obviously does not like it, and true friends don’t tease other friends about things which they don’t want to be teased about.

  29. PS – PA, I’m dyslexic, and I can make complete, grammatically correct sentences. And therefore, every time I see that “I’m dyslexic!” bullsh_t, I get pissed off. Most dyslexics will take extra time to correct their sentences and words to make sure they haven’t messed up, not just leave it. Now that’s not ALL dyslexics, as only sith deal in absolute, but being dyslexic should not be synonymous with “I don’t care.”

    tl;dr – I agree with Paranoid Android that saying “I’m dyslexic” is not a be all, end all excuse for not knowing how to write english.

  30. Grammar Nazis are the worst kind because:
    1) They use your grammar knowledge as a measure of your complete knowledge.
    2) They assume that when you write informally on a message board or in a chat, that you must write like this all the time.
    3) Somehow, their “superior” grammar knowledge makes them better than you.
    4) They’ve forgotten that the best of writers break grammar, spelling, and punctuation rules all the time.

    That being said, if I ever had a friend do this to me, I dont mind talkin lyk dis for the nex 50 respnses jus so dey could correct me.

    Somewhere along the line, Travis and Grammar Nazis like him forgot the true meaning of language: to communicate. Reid’s message was communicated just fine. There is no confusion on the subject of his statement.

    NOTE: Why the excessive commas in “You should use ‘You’re’, or, ‘You are.'” And even if it was deserving of a comma, it should go in the quotations, not outside. (Yeah, I started a sentence with “and.” Sue me.

  31. y does it even matter if I can spl right anywy? It onlee matterz cos I wan you to understand me.

    Still, the guy (Reid, stupid name) sounds like a twat anyway so deserves to be brought down a peg or two.

    Some would probably argue that the spelling structures that pertain to a specific pursuit, such as (ahem) ‘football’, should be easy to learn by those that pursue the pursuit, if only ‘cos they see them correctly spelled on the telly-screen all the time… so in that sense, Reid is still a twat.

  32. “Grammar Nazis are the worst kind because:…”

    …as opposed to the ‘real’ Nazis that committed genocide?

  33. @Paranoid – The ‘real’ Nazis may have committed genocide, horrific experiments on live subjects and been responsible for the deaths of millions, but they didn’t give two bottles of fuck juice where an apostrophe lives….

    So you know swings and roundabouts really.

  34. @takemeaway10 – I appreciated your comment, #1. I frequently judge people harshly when they spell or use words incorrectly, and I DO use that as a barometer for their overall intelligence. An unfortunate side effect of being smart, I suppose. The incorrect use of ‘your’, for example – you learn that shit in fifth grade for fuck’s sake!

  35. I think it is fun to point out others mistakes…

  36. slicingupeyeballs

    Me too, I especially like how they get shitty once they have been exposed as being semi retarded…

  37. @ijkl0marissa– Really? Have you never been around a group of guys? Not that I mean to be insulting to you by saying that, nor am I trying to be sexist with anything I have said/am about to say. But let’s be real here. Guys give each other a hard time ALL the time. Maybe women might not be known too well for that kinda banter with one another (even though I’ve done that to my guys friends tons of times). But I’ve seen guys, on multiple occasions, be pretty hard on one another – purely out of fun – even when one side starts getting pissy about it. Because guys generally aren’t that ‘sensitive’ to that kinda banter. They get mad, and then they get over it. Why? Partly due to the fact that, at the end of the day, it’s all shits n giggles. And partly because if a guy whines that he’s being picked on, he’ll likely hear something along the lines of, “Don’t be such a bitch about it! I’m just giving you a hard time!” and then it’s done with and they’ve moved on. I mean, don’t you think that if Reid or Travis were TRULY pissed off at each other, that Travis would’ve already started hurling some really nasty I’m-not-playing-with-you insults, or that Reid would’ve told him to fuck the hell off? Just my take on it.

  38. Again, I am amused by how many people are so passionately pissed off. Lighten up. 🙂

  39. @32 – Agreed very much. Everyone who is good at one certain thing tend to use that to measure others’ intelligence.

    Also, ok Travis was correcting Reid but fuck… if they really are friends, Travis could either overlook the mistakes or drop Reid as a friend if he is that bothered by it. He did it JUST to be a prick, nothing else. I may inwardly cringe at the grammar/spelling of many of my friends’ text speak but as long as I can UNDERSTAND the point they are getting across, I couldn’t fucking care less how they choose to get it across. If I don’t get it, either I ask what they meant or I say “Fuck it, it’s not that important…moving on.”

  40. And yes, I do like to end sentences in prepositions just to A) piss you GNs off and B) cuz I’m lazy. Doesn’t mean I’m not educated just because I don’t ALWAYS write correctly. Conversationally, I mostly write just how I would speak.

  41. @ParanoidAndroid: Yes. Worse than the genocide Nazis. Now, it’s time for you to look up “hyperbole.”

    @fleurdeleslie: I will, however, make a mental note of one’s bad grammar and spelling, but I never feel compelled to say “You don’t know the difference between “you’re” and “your,” so nothing you say can ever be valid.

    @Shelley: Yes, Reid is a softie and a little silly for fueling that discussion.

  42. I don’t mind people using bad grammar/spelling. I do mind it if such people call me an idiot while raping the English language up the ass with a rusty spoon without proper lubrication.

  43. I think I’m in love with Travis. I do this all the time. 😉

    Also, he should really join this group: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-High-Order-for-Grammar-and-Spelling-HOGS/124723780919644?v


  44. Travis is actually wrong when he says, “Prepositions can not function as verbs, and vice versa.”

    Example: “up.”

    Marriam Webster’s third definition gives “up” as a preposition, while its fifth definition gives it as a verb.


  45. I heart Travis! he’s just being an ass, to piss Reid off. I love it!

  46. Travis is being funny. Reid brought it upon himself when he didn’t just man up and be like, “yeah, alright man.”, or something to that degree. He fought back and that was what got him. Not to mention all the mistakes he continuously made. I don’t type perfectly either, but I won’t fight back over something so stupid.

  47. I also wouldn’t fight back if i didn’t actually know how to form a correct sentence!

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