Friday, December 3, 2010

Jurassic Pork

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  1. Ooh ooh first!

  2. Pleasure reasons? Other than that meh, I’m first on a shit post.

  3. TheIncredibleMrGQ

    You sure about that?

  4. you talkin to me?

  5. How did they so fail to blur out the ‘Long’?

  6. I don’t understand a word of this, could someone explain?

  7. TheIncredibleMrGQ


    actually no, i had facebook open in another tab, chatting with someone…yeah…lamebook and their mortal enemy in the same window…

  8. Your mom is a pterodactyl.

  9. Well, pterodactyl porn is a hilarious porno that involves three men dressed up as pterodacyls having sex with a fully naked woman. The video is ridiculous. The men flap their wings at times, one guy just randomly crouches on the floor and stares at the camera while opening and closing his fake beak.

  10. How can that even exist???? I must have missed that scene in Jurassic Park!

  11. thanks pala… now I am sufficiently freaked out.

  12. paladin589, after reading your comment, I was sufficiently curious to check out Pterodactyl Porn. You’re right. It does look amusing…

  13. Rule 34, no exceptions.

  14. Someone should Rule 34 Lamebook.

  15. You should know this if it exists on the internet there is porn of it its already been Rule 34’d lol

  16. Ok hang on … Mr GQ you’ll get barred for that. What’s Rule 34? and I’ll be back once I’ve ckecked out word’s link.

  17. Lmao! The only thing I can say about this is that I found a porn star (if we may call her that) who I’ve got bigger boobs than haha. Yes I know the grammar is crap but don’t start.

  18. I am sorely tempted, but I think that watching pterodactyl porn at work would be frowned upon.
    @curlybap, Ever hear of Ashley Blue? There’s another porn star that you probably have a one up on. If you make assertions like that though, you have to back them up….

  19. nope, who the fuck is Ashley Blue?

  20. google that shit.

  21. @lex, definitely another one I beat. And thanks …

  22. curly, don’t worry, I had no clue what Rule 34 was either.

    Bigger boobs, you say…

  23. Jamie,

    Nuff fucking said. Now shut up, go have a boo tug, and begin to ruin your childhood cartoons.

  24. You’re welcome curly.

  25. Thanks for that Keona, hours of fun ahead! @word, yes – makes a nice change lol.

  26. meh nothing new to me here, I’ve been watching dinosaur porn for some time now, classics such as:

    Tyrannosaurus Sex, Triceracocks and Velociraper.

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