Saturday, April 24, 2010

Some Weekend Wins

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  1. Yeah we both have been reading Lamebook for a while. I usually avoid the comments because of unneeded arguments and such. A friend of ours uploaded this though. Oh, I also showed my mom that we got on here, she laughed.

  2. Definitely with pineapplesalad on this one, when sanc wrote “THIS IS ABSURD.” all I could imagine was the expression that would be on his face, one of those ‘This can’t be happening’ looks. Good laughs.
    And freakyfox, you aren’t the only one who has gotten puke in their nose from vomiting that hard. It’s the worst when you have to snort it back down just to cough it back up. Nasty shit. FYI, apple juice is TERRIBLE before puking, nobody should taste that.
    And yo everyone.

  3. Hmmmmm…
    Josh and Mrs. Kim M. A match made in heaven, despite pleas to the contrary from young “J.d” (who caps the first initial but not the next? Does “J.d.” stand for “James dipshit”?)
    OK, back to Josh and Mrs. Kim. Did anyone see ‘American Pie II’?

  4. ‘Cause I can’t help but be reminded of Finch and Stifler’s mom.

  5. It used to be J.D. but my name got changed due to a joke and when I went to change it back, Facebook said that it had “Too many capitols.” Facebook is lame. Totally not a dipshit 🙁

  6. Sanctuary1,

    Your name had too many buildings occupied by a state legislature? Are you sure your last sentence is correct?

  7. Yeah, vomiting so hard it comes out the nostrils definitely doesn’t make you a freak. It’s rough though. I’ve had a noseful of cask wine and McChicken before. That was a horrendous spew. My whole body ached afterwards. I showered, brushed my teeth and then slept all day.

  8. lol

  9. Margo definitely is a bitch….Rachel’s spelling/grammar isn’t so poor as to be incomprehensible…unless you’re a fucktard.
    The fact that she’s engaged before prom, is however, disconcerting.

    I sgree, the ‘THIS IS ABSURD’ made me lol.

  10. This Lamebook post is funnier than any comment from me will be


    I loved #1 and #3 though.

  11. I’m glad that people have pointed out the Rachel’s spelling isn’t that bad. Her punctuation skills could use a little work, but…eh. I also like that the spelling criticism came from someone who doesn’t use an apostrophe in the word “can’t”.

    I was also much more bothered by the fact that it happened on Saturday right before prom than the fact that Rachel’s spelling skills are slightly under par.

  12. @guinevere: Why does that bother you? Is it the age thing? I don’t know when you guys (ignorantly assuming you’re an American) have prom, so how old would she be?

  13. my experience of American high schools begins and ends with ‘Saved With the Bell’ but i was under the impression less than 18?

  14. ‘Saved by the bell’ ffs.

  15. I’d guess 17. And the going to the park to play catch makes her sound young…

  16. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    Prom is usually in your senior year of high school (around 17/18 yrs of age).

    @freakyfox/soup : I don’t recall ever having anything go up my nasal passage :o( But then again, I’ve only thrown up a few times in my lifetime (usually from some type of ailment rather than from drinking).

  17. blame word for the puke talk…she started it

  18. so josh…uhhhhh, is your mom hot?

  19. I mean JD

  20. I can’t get this song out of my head.

    JD can’t you see you’re just not the guy for me. I know it might be wrong but, i’m in love with JD’s mom.

    It’s on a neverending loop. I can feel my measly remaining sanity dripping slowly out my ears. I’m having a Rick Astley moment.

  21. It seems JD was responsible for lighting the fuse of the mombro love explosion. I like how “This is absurd” expresses that he has become powerless to stop it.

  22. Hey guys, Josh in the house.

  23. Get out, Josh.

  24. You’re just mad cause your mom loves me more than you.

  25. What the hell kinda name is Bonnay?!



  28. Sanctuary, Jush, welcome. Please remain seated for the entire performance. You will be bashed, trashed, beaten, and insulted. Also, judging by the way Soup is looking at you, raped.

    That is why many of us are though, we just like our sex this way.

    I would love a picture of fox sitting on that pineapple.

    It sounds like Aleesha doesn’t come at all.

  29. many of us are here*

  30. Hey HeSaid, if Soup yells out surprise first, it’s just surprise sex… Not rape.

    Btw Josh, I’ll be your Mrs Robinson 😉

  31. Yes this may be true, but we all know Soup. His view on it is there is no fun if they are willing.

  32. My man, Josh, buddy ol’ pal, we need details! Have you hit that shit yet? Has she got it goin’ on? How long has the affair been going on for?

  33. I love how J.D.s mom calls him ‘Joshie’.

  34. Peristalsis Rebellion!

    Soup needed a shout out for that one.

  35. I was engaged at 17, and I think I turned out okay. Then again, my spelling and grammar skills make Rachel look like a chimp who knows sign language, so maybe that’s more of an indicator of future relationship success.

  36. @BritishHobo: Prom happens usually (depending on the school) both junior year and senior year of high school (11th grade and 12th grade–average age 17 and 18, respectively.)

    Also, in my mind, it’s less the age and more the fact that they’re still in high school. Finding the love of your life in high school works for some people. It works a lot less for the greater majority. I was reasonably mature at 17 (when I was a senior), but I was a completely different person from the person I am today. If I’d gotten engaged to someone I fell in love with at that point in my life, it’s pretty likely that relationship would have ended within a year and a half. If it hadn’t, at this point, we would most likely both be completely fucking miserable.

    Some people are lucky and find a person who can change with them at that point (or, they’ve pretty much found who they are by then), and they can stay together forever. Or at least, for a super long time. A lot of people are better off waiting until later.

  37. @RollerGirl: Don’t knock chimps who know sign language. They are very damned cool.

  38. @guinevere I don’t see it as Rollergirl putting down the chimp, but the exact opposite. The chimp is being put on a relatively similar level of intelligence with a human being. One that might not be as smart as… Let’s say, about… Geez, I can’t really think of a number. I can’t decide on how many more stupid people there are in the world then Rachel, it makes me sad to think about.
    Regardless, I highly doubt that, in the context of what was said, the chimp was being knocked in the least.

  39. @guinevere

    I get where you were going with the “don’t compare chimps to that moron” thing, but they actually do have pretty atrocious grammar, owing to the fact that they can usually understand 3-word sequences at most.

  40. I can’t help it, but #3 makes me think of the titles of two fairly recent (within the last 2 years) movies: ‘Rachel getting Married’ and ‘Margo(t) at the Wedding’. I think in this case, we can presume Margo will not be at the wedding.

    Ok, so I may just remove myself from here for rambling on…

  41. i think the most disturbing thing here is engaged before prom? really? waaay too young.

  42. So when are we gonna get an update on the JD’s Mom and Josh epic romance of the decade hmmmm?
    Inquiring minds want to know.

  43. Rosie the Bear…

    “Hey my sweet lesbian girlfriend its time for my body wax. Hopefully we get enough hair to complete the wig we’ve been working on.”

  44. this makes me giggle.

    -Gods investment in you (His son!) was SO great, he could never abandon you!-

  45. Too bad it also made you post.

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