Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Speed Demon

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  1. fake as my tits.

  2. Abraham Lincoln

    Actually probably not fake, Cops tend to get a bad rap when in reality a good proportion of them are just every day people doing their jobs.

    Yeah there are some jobsworths who love bullying and picking on people, but I’ve had police let me off with speeding before. Good cop/bad cop.

  3. ^ I wish they hadn’t let you go that night you were on your way to the theater.

  4. LMAO at velocirrober, I see what you did there…

  5. necrophiliac64258

    No Abraham get back in your grave its not real it’s just some dickhead trying to be funny through lying.

  6. hannibal-lecture

    These are not the deviled eggs you’re looking for.

  7. lol at velo. Hannibal thanks for bringing it back down and wishing I didn’t read the comments.

  8. Definitely fake. They actually fucked in the back seat of her car, then she drove home and had a devil’s threeway with the hubby too.

  9. ^more proof that you’re a fucktard

  10. Gabriel is a man’s name. He simply misspelled fiancee. Elsior, I’m surprised you didn’t go into more graphic detail, of which you know nothing about.

  11. #2 So true it’s that 10% that fucks it up for everyone else. Ladies have tits to shake and guys have jokes to make everyone has their own way to try to get out of speeding tickets.

  12. Can someone explain how a cop letting someone off with going 20 mph over the speed limit is being a ‘good cop’? Speed limits are there for a reason; enforcing them would not make a police officer a ‘jobsworth’ – it means they’re doing their job properly.

    A bad cop is someone who bullys/harasses people for no reason, not someone who fairly enforces the law. Why do people think it’s OK to speed?

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