Thursday, December 2, 2010

Keyboard Conundrums

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  1. Apiffanie? :O

  2. Stupid Blackberry!

  3. Clit Eatswood

  4. @XS Well played, sir. (or madam)

  5. Clit IS the shit.I fail to see the lame.

  6. I can’t believe that someone is actually called Apiffanie. Not even Epiphany, which would be bad enough, but A-piff-a-nie.


  7. Appifanie’s baby’s name is Rome … and she’s from my hometown O_o

  8. I thought the last one was lame, but I can relate to feeling bad for having a second helping of soup after watching a runway show

  9. Don’t shit where you eat

  10. @Bringyourownsun

    I guess she had an epiphany and knew that her entire bloodline needed to be an example of how not to name your children.

  11. I had an Apiffanie once.

  12. Her name sounds like a joyful Vagina with a cockney accent :” ‘appy-fanny”

  13. If I had a nickel for all the people with Assburger’s..
    My favourite lines were when Clit was teaching Bee Wang to be a badass.. “Do you have shit in your ears?” Sorry lolz, I meant Bee Vang,…stupid Pantech.

    Ryan sucks.

  14. Dear dear Brianna, you should feel bad after your second helping of Soup, one helping is quite enough for any mere mortal.

    I once had three helpings, was walking like Charlie Chaplin for a month and I swear I shit out a gerbil.

    re: Assburgers – Hold the special sauce.

  15. Kt, I hear you man. I’m not entirely sure what to make of Assburgers myself.

  16. @Blonde HAHAHA I was thinking exactly the same thing!! 🙂

    However, I can see making that mistake once, but TWICE? I think he may have done that intentionally, but if not… people REALLY to need to pay better attention to what the Text Predict on their phones actually writes versus what they think they are typing. Or better yet, stop using Text Predict and write the shit out yourself letter by letter. (“But ZOMFG I might DIE if I do that!!!11!!1”) It isn’t very hard on newer phones (‘newer’ to me being something less than 3-4 yrs old…mine is 6. o.O Yeah.) and it’ll save ya the trouble of all these fucking screw-ups and then having to apologize for said screw-ups.

    LMFAO @ Paranoid!

  17. The clit one doesn’t say it was posted from a phone.

    Also, on the subject of Apiffanie, not only is that the dumbest name ever, but there are at least 5 others on Facebook plus a handful of Apiffaney’s. So sad.

  18. @chiiro Oh, for some reason I just assumed (yeah I’m the ass here). But most “typos” people tend to blame on the word/text predict function of their phones.

    Even worse really for the “Clit” guy then! o.O He typed that out wrong on a keyboard…twice. It doesn’t seem that the “n” key on his keyboard is stuck (‘Finally’ & ‘Gran’ & ‘Torino’), but if it is, what a hell of a coincidence. xP I know the “U” key on my keyboard is stuck, so I bang on it preemptively for good measure, then still check (built-in browser spell check helps too). It still kicks my ass sometimes though…

  19. Jon might actually think that’s how Dirty Harry spells his name. That would be the more likely explanation, Shelley.

  20. Dirty, Hair Clit.

  21. Blaeks have the darndest names.

  22. Assburgers = Aspergers, a form of autism.

  23. Ok who’s going to say wallace. Go on, you know you want to.

  24. second helping of soup? Who helped soup the first time? The cook maybe?

    And btw i love clit too.

  25. Doesn’t Apiffanie know it’s spelled “strumph”?

  26. Clearly Brianna has never been on lamebook. Lingerie and double servings of Soup is a perfectly acceptable way to spend the evening around here.

  27. Soup where are you? C’mon everyone’s talking about double helpings of soup and you’re not even here?

  28. Where’ soup? And waldo?

  29. LOL Walter!

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