Thursday, December 2, 2010


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  1. WTL!

  2. Not that I really expect Lamebook to know this, but this is fake. It’s a joke that has been circulating around Twitter for a few weeks now.

  3. Fuck you, moderation bot. I hope you fall off a cliff and get hit by two trains, then spontaneously combust. If a cow were to eat you while you were still suffering from burning, then that would be nice. And if these series of events weren’t to happen, then I really hope you get sexually violated by a velociraptor.

  4. What does WTF REALLY mean?

    @3 Are you trying to troll the moderators, bring them down to our level and then give them what for?

  5. Facebook and Lamebook have the same lead post.

    Total protonic reversal..

  6. Why do commenters always feel the need to mention that they’ve seen a post somewhere else? Of course you have, it’s the internet after all.
    I hadn’t seen that before (I hate twitter) I had a good chuckle until I read the comments. Thanks for ruining it # 2- you and the zit on my face are ruining my life ;( (…and no, I don’t know what that emoticon means, but it seems appropriate)

  7. @4
    isn’t that what we’re all trying to do?

  8. 😐

  9. @gravyboatbogart

    Yes. Yes I am.

  10. Fake or not, this is made of win!!
    Twitter sucks Assburgers anyway.

  11. Shelley, love “sucks Assburgers” – shall add it to my list!

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