Monday, May 28, 2012

The Thruster

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  1. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    If I had a theme park ride it would be the “Sitting on the sofa, too bloated and full of pizza to have the energy to attempt anything more energetic than reaching for the remote”. It’s not a catchy title, I grant you; but it does let the customer know what they’re going to get.

  2. yes yes. that’s all well and good, drchalkwitheredtacklefelloff, but I really don’t get the sense that you are obsessed with your penis with anything approaching the enthusiasm that young jonathon has for his slimy little doodle.

  3. If I had a theme park ride I would disguise it as a funhouse, wait inside, and slaughter your children. This is fake.

  4. I ate a child once. They taste just like pigeons.

  5. ^ That’s disgusting. Pigeons are riddled with disease.

  6. ^ so is your mom’s pussy.

  7. This all does not change the fact that Jonathan is and always will be a virgin.

  8. I’m not surprised, 9. She’s been whoring herself to pay the mortgage for years.

  9. so, 9 knew that hawkbit’s mother’s pussy is riddled with disease, yet he fucked her anyway?

  10. ^ You score -4 for reading comprehension.

  11. ^it’s highest mark yet. it’s a PB!

  12. Don’t let #4 confuse you Bacch, “9” is a pedophile, and that’s fucking unacceptable.

  13. ^WTF?!
    [loads nonce guns]

  14. Yuck! Mutants are so vile.

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