Friday, May 25, 2012

Wins Before the Weekend

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  1. Dawn of the Dan

    Better than Anal Grape I suppose.

  2. Just looked it up, that guy won the contest! lol

  3. Lowgob. Chocolate ice cream with swirls of marshmallow and a sprinkling of assorted nuts.

  4. F-it, I am tired today.

  5. ‘grape chunks’. fuck that sounds awful.

  6. Dawn of the dan FTW haha

  7. Sodomint

  8. Did the third one misspell ‘friend’ three times or is that “american english”?

  9. This is fake.

  10. @Frankenstein, it’s a stupid “catchy” branding word. The misspelling is intentional, but still stupid.

  11. ^it’s just one step closer to our glorious Idiocracy future.

  12. ^All part of the plan.

  13. oh, do go and fuck yourself, halfwit.

  14. Annie is a tranny

  15. @10 & 11. Yep, I have a sudden urge to shoot someone in the face.

  16. Garlic cilantro jalapeño flavored ice cream.

    No wait, cajun shrimp flavored with tabasco sauce.

  17. Jalapeño ice cream wouldn’t be too bad, but the rest of the stuff would be horrible.

  18. One of the best flavours of icecream ever: dark chocolate and chilli.

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