Friday, May 25, 2012

Don’t You Just Hate

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  1. Miley Cyrus is fake. Maroon 5…works with me.

  2. Also they butchered the name of one the best rock n’ roll musicians of all time.

  3. Maroon 5 is gay.

  4. Boring. Next.

  5. I <3 Adam Levine… yummy!

  6. Never heard of, don’t care.

  7. comment #4, with a side of comment #6.

  8. Props to Sara for being a *discerning* lover of shit music.

  9. laugh.out.loud

    # 7… Funny. . Take a bow.. You win this thread.

  10. don’t you hate it when lamebook butchers facebook?

  11. don’t you hate it when facebook butchers the stockmarket by releasing their ipo?

  12. don’t you hate it when MsAnneThrope butchers a thread by commenting?

  13. Don’t you hate it when T1000 comes from the future to tell us fake things are fake?

  14. #9 stfu and stop sucking your own dick. you are obviously msannethrope.

  15. laugh.out.loud

    Buzz. Try again. If I were msanne I’d be bi-polar as hell, we fight often, but when someone deserves props, I am happy to let them know… Maybe if you ever say anything worth my time, I will do the same for you, until then… be gone., you are dismissed.

  16. i’ll get right on that, stud

  17. Don’t you just hate …. people.

  18. ^haha. YEAH.

  19. Don’t you just hate trolls that go by the names tr_willk OR SLG? Huh? Dontcha??

  20. i don’t think that wilk thing is actually a troll. i think it’s just really fucking stupid.
    and slug didn’t originally WANT to be a troll. circumstances, you know?

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