Friday, May 25, 2012

Being a Teen These Days is Rough….

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  1. she already conceded eric, so no need to play the nazi card.
    but you couldn’t fucking help yourself, could you?

  2. Why would Jewish teenagers in Germany have a tough time? Clearly, this is fake.

  3. Dawn of the Dan

    She’s a complete idiot, and she deserved further humiliation.

  4. Hmmm idk T1000 maybe because they were rounded up like cattle and slaughtered by the nazis in the 1940 could that be it I wonder??

  5. T1000 could have traveled through time and stopped it…

  6. Or maybe I caused it.

  7. #4
    Couldn’t resist the bait, could you? Idiot.

  8. #7 Avis La Fin

  9. IamNateK, are you reffering to that make believe event?

  10. Lol of course I am…

  11. Eric is Jewish.

  12. #3, Dawn of the Dan, of course she’s a fucking idiot. She’s a teenager.

  13. Playing the Nazi card is so unoriginal..

    How about being a teenager in Ancient Greece, having to put up with all that buggery.

  14. #4 if you think that 6 million Jews were slaughtered in the “holocaust” then perhaps you should check your facts…because they weren’t.

  15. #14 if you think that you are “smart” then perhaps you should get your head checked… because your brain isn’t there.

  16. #15, incorrect. The holocaust never happened, it was a classic case history written by the victor.

  17. #16 I cannot believe such fuckheads as you actually exist. How dare you deny that Holocaust, the biggest tragedy in the history of mankind, has taken place. Holocaust denial is illegal in Europe.
    I recommend you a visit to the AUSCHWITZ-BIRKENAU MUSEUM. It will do you good.

  18. ^Is it a troll or is it being serious? It’s so hard to tell sometimes :/

  19. T1000,
    if the testimony of HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of survivors (e.g. those liberated from the concetration camps who were living skeletons rather than humans) and eyewitnesses, actual death camps, Nazi paperwork….and all the other overwhelming material evidence of all kinds, if this isn’t enough for you, then I don’t know what kind of person you must be.
    Of course it is easier not to believe, but how disrespectful it is to the memory of milions of shattered lives…
    Do you really think that the victors were the only ones to speak about Holocaust? Do you think that the Nazis themselves denied it? NO, they were proud of it! For example, how about you read Rudolf Hess’s (commandant of Auschwitz) AUTObipgraphy? I’ve read it and I guess you should, too.

  20. Or, if you’re a just a troll, reading this book will do no harm anyway. It will for sure prevent other stupid “jokes” 🙂

  21. ^ Oh, you’re being serious? Oh, dear.. now I have to give some grudging admiration to T1000, damnit.

  22. Zuzuz, who said I was talking about Nazis killing Jewish people? I was talking about the holocaust.

  23. I imagine the holocaust was a bit rough, but ” the biggest tragedy in the history of mankind”?

    hardly, pal.

  24. T1000, Oh, you doubt the number? What about the thousands of photos of the arrivals at concentration camps, tons of human hair (7 tons in Auschwitz alone) , shoes, other personal belongings there; thousands of actual bodies, cremation ashes in the ground… Do you think that the number of the victims was estimated without evidence? But wait, who am I to convince you, since you know better than competent historians -.-

  25. ^ See, zuzuz you insert an emoticon denoting suspicion -.- and yet you’re still totally oblivious to being trolled by the bot.

    Go die in a…gas chamber.

  26. Bacchante. it. isn’t. a. fucking. bot.

  27. Sure it is. It travelled through time to fuck with you.

  28. Not a bot. A cybernetic organism.

  29. no. just a sad, fat wanker.

  30. here’s something you idiots of which you idiots need to apprise yourself…the holocaust numbers have been considerably revised…try doing some research instead of blindly spouting propaganda.

    competent historians are the ones who noticed various discrepancies and significantly revised the tally.

    you should definitely go see the auschwitz museum…be sure to look at the reconstructed “death shower” that would actually be impossible to use for mass gasings…not that zyklon b could be used in the ways it was described in the eye witness testimony.

  31. #19 since you are familiar with hess’s story, surely you are familiar with his nuremburg testimony. remember how he described the guards smoking as they took out the corpses from the showers? try recreating that sometime, but be sure to write your will first because it will be fatal.

    if this is getting you hot and bothered, perhaps you should take a refreshing dip in the auschwitz pool, or view one of the amateur theatricals staged at their playhouse (now a convent).

  32. Oh god, I’m starting to suspect tr_willk isn’t just trolling but actually believes that crap.

  33. ^it isn’t very bright, is it?

  34. Seriously, there’s two of you in one thread? Oh please.

  35. @tr_willk, Funny how you believe you’re among the few who seek the truth “instead of blindly spouting the propaganda” while in fact you’re a victim of a disgusting propaganda yourself.

  36. Mutants are vile creatures.

  37. Hells yeah, bitchface.
    wanna lick?

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