Thursday, April 29, 2010

She Does Exist!

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  1. ben

  2. she used you’re when is should be your >.<

  3. sucks

  4. it*

  5. Haha nice

  6. bethani_lindsey


  7. eXcEpT FoR tHe whole caps non caps thing it was funny and kind of sweet or something

    (too lazy to do ThE tHiNg for a whole post)

  8. The Pink Power Ranger has to be taking the piss surely.

    I hope so, or I will need to refer her to the nearest shrink that deals with delusions of grandeur.

    She needs spell check too.

  9. I feel a strange hatred toward bethani_lindsey for using “lol” before Malteaser got the change. Shame on you, that is NOT your line!

    Also, I do think the letter and response are cute. I always pictured the pink one being a raging alcoholic!

  10. Chance*

  11. this isn’t even lame. it’s just friking stupid. wtf.

  12. Richard,

    I may not be Pink (on the outside), but I would love to intend you’re friends birthday party. He sounds like a grate guy and I would sharish every momment I culd spent with him.

    You’res Faithfully,

    mcowles (They call me the butter ranger)

  13. I always thought the pink power ranger and the blue power ranger were a couple

  14. bethani_lindsey

    Lissieissocool sorry 🙂

  15. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    ^ i concur

  16. id hit it… pink power pussy bout to get pounded

  17. I hate the power rangers. Even when I was young enough to be in their target demographic I thought they were fucking stupid. All this time I could never quite figure out why I had such a deep and abiding hatred for all of them, but now I realize it’s because they can’t spell or compose proper sentences.

  18. Richard was looking for some dirty deeds done dirt cheap, but he was shot down in flames. I don’t blame her because the highway to hell is paved with good intentions, and hooking up with some strange night prowler would likely be a touch too much. Maybe if Richard learned that moneytalks, his buddy would have been able to sink the pink.

  19. CommentsAtLarge


    So since the Pink Ranger turned him down, that mean Richard’s buddy will have to settle for a whole lotta rosie… palmer?

  20. @Soup “Sink the pink” made me think of playing pool. Is there a pink ball in pool? I don’t think so but there certainly is a pair of blue balls which I think Richard’s mate knows all too well.

  21. Love your Acca Dacca references Soup.

    I saw them a couple of months ago, and I’m still vibrating.

  22. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    @wordpervert that vibrating thing will come in handy.

  23. I walk around with a perpetual smile on my face since, Dukey.

  24. I never knew that the pink power ranger was a complete moron. She hid it very well in the show. For example, I never once heard her tell anyone to “dill with it”.

  25. Hey come on guys, clearly she is too busy battling evil to attend school.

  26. Iguanawhisperer

    Pink Power Ranger should nix the crime fighting for a bit and concentrate on school. Spelling is not one of her super powers it seems.

    But nice to see that super heroes also use Facebook.

  27. lol @mittens.

    apologies to lissieiscool and malteaser for using lol without permission

  28. *Lissieissocool

  29. That ranger suit is gonna need some modifications if this relationship is going to work out pink ranger.

  30. My mum wouldn’t let me watch Power Rangers when I was young. I always thought she perceived it to be far too violent. Now I see she just didn’t want me to pick up on the appalling spelling and grammatical errors.

  31. My cousins weren’t allowed to watch it because they were little shit disturbers and thought what was on tv is ok. Were you a shit disturber pixie? Also, it could have been what you said or zordon being a racist

  32. Nah, I just had a very sheltered childhood. We weren’t allowed to watch goosebumps or are you afraid of the dark either.

  33. HopScotchinQueen

    The Pink Power Ranger has lousy spelling.

  34. this one was kind of dumb. I hated the power rangers when I was kid. Pink was especially lame.

  35. I thought the power rangers were totally retarted as a kid.

  36. “YOU’RES faithfully”????

    I just threw up.

  37. That is funny.

  38. @poopface: As children the Power rangers were indeed retarts as you suspected. But with the high level of public education they recieved in Canada, British Columbia to me more exact, they overcame their retartedness and went on to become one of the most beloved international crime fighting teams.
    In their down time I understand they make pinch pot plant holders and ash trays which they sell at RenFests across North-America.

  39. lol

  40. She turned up as Felicity’s mate in the eponymous late 90’s series. She had a thumb ring, curly hair and a guitar as I remember.

    Inside every crime fightin’ hater is the heart of a peace lovin’ lover.

  41. Fuck off, Alen!

  42. I wonder if it was either of them who submitted this… If it was pink power ranger, I guess that does mean she’s taking the piss.

  43. PinkPowerRanger

    Right, it was me who actually submitted this. I got this and took it as a joke, well i was hoping it was. For the craic, i replied as a joke as that was how i took the email. His original message amused me and i thought it was great and decided to share…and to the grammar complaints etc, im writing a message on facebook in the way i talk, im not writing an essay where it has to be perfect. Hope i made a few people laugh with this. 🙂

  44. PinkPowerRanger

    Mind you, some of the spelling mistakes are pritty shocking i have to admit.

  45. The first being “pretty” 🙂

  46. @ wil: If you were talking about the first post, That is a riot. FTW all the way

    I like the Green Ranger myself. He gets me go go going.

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